Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So Sorry!

I have done a horrible job keeping up...and there is really no excuse good enough! So, I will take a little while to update on what is going on in our lives.
The week after my last post I went with my mom and dad to see my nanny (my mom's mom). She has stage 4 lung cancer and had been in the hospital. She had come home and I wanted to see her and for her to see Jackson. Little ones always make sick people feel a little better. We had a wonderful time spending time with her. She did well while we were there! Hope to see her again soon!
The next week I started subbing for WeeSchool. The past 3 weeks I have had the 3 year old class...I should state that they have JUST turned 3! They are a lot of fun! The best thing of all is that Jackson gets to go to. So he is getting to be around other kids and he loves it! There is a little girl that he has fallen for and goes up and gives her hugs and loves to sit in her lap...she is also the one that he beat with a toy! That was a sight...this child is just sitting there letting Jackson hit her with a toy. I flip, grab my abusive child, and spank his bottom in front of all the kids! I turn around to find all 8 kids staring at me wide eyed. The little girl is the one to break the silence and says, "He is just a baby, he doesn't know!" My response was that he will learn not to hit other children...I'm sure she understood that... Jackson then had to give her a hug, which he did willingly! Oh, I know that it is the first of many embarrassing moment from my child and I pray that I respond a little better next time, like take him to the bathroom to spank his bottom!
I have 3 more days of WeeSchool, unless they sign me up for more days.
Well, I'm not sure where I have left off on football and I'm sad that I can not give you play by plays of the games that I have missed. But just for an update we are 3-2. We have lost the past 2 games. I will tell you that this past week we made Godley play their game...which is the first time they have had to do that this season! We play Whitney this week and I'm looking forward to Friday night!
Karis is growing quickly! I have 11 1/2 weeks to go. It seems like this pregnancy has flown by, although I'm not complaining. On the other hand, I do not feel ready. I really need to get myself in gear and get some things done! I have to get material picked out for her quilt, I need to sew the quilt, get a stroller, get some shelving in her bedroom, get a diaper bag, and find a dresser/changing table! I guess I will start working on that soon!
Well, Jackson is now up from his nap and it is a little hard to concentrate on my task at hand! So until next time....I promise it will be sooner than later!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Game Day

It is game day! The Medlock home is ready! And I think the Buckaroos are ready! I'm tyring to do something to help with my anxiousness.
Ok, so I was going to give an overview of all the baking that I have done this week. Which, by the way, I have soooo enjoyed every moment of it...well except when I forgot to put the eggs in the cookie dough! But here goes...Monday was banana bread and sugar cookies, Wednesday was 2 batches of sugar cookies, Thursday was apple crisp, and then today I have made a banana pudding and chocolate chip cookies! The banana pudding was new, I have never made homemade pudding before...well with my moms help...but so far it looks good. I still have to put it all together. I'm waiting for the bowl to get frosty in the freezer to I can whip up the whipping cream! Oh, I can't wait to stuff this in my mouth!!!! I hope everyone enjoys it tonight as much as I am. (oh, I don't know if I mentioned but after the game we are having a coaches dinner. From now on at home games we will do a meal after the game so that we can visit and see our husbands. Should be lots of fun!)
Jackson is napping for the second time today. I thought yesterday that maybe he was ready to lose 2 naps and move to 1, but I was very very wrong! He was a mess and only because he was so tired! He just needs his rest...guess he takes after his momma in that area. So, he is back to two naps and hopefully will wake up ready to go!
Well, I guess I am now boring you! So I will post on the game tomorrow!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blessed Day

Today has been a good day. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out because I was up after midnight last night making cookies! MY fault!!!! I truly believe that being pregnant does something to your brain...makes it scattered!!! I made a whole batch of cookies and then realized that I forgot the eggs. I was so frustrated at myself and frustrated because I didn't think that I was going to have enough flour to make a whole new batch. This is where my amazing husband joins in...he jumps out of his 9:30 and goes down to the IGA to pick me up a bag of flour! So because of my mistake I was up way later than I thought and was sure that I would be totally exhausted today. But, it has been a great day!
I had a bouquet to deliver this morning at the First Baptist Church. It was meet the teacher day for the Weekids program and one of the husbands got a bouquet for there wife, who is a teacher. She was very excited and it was fun to deliver. Well, while I was there I got asked if I would be interested in subbing. *Side note- This has been something that I have been praying about for months. I thought that I wanted to teach a weekids class, but knew come January it would be to much. But I had not heard from the director about subbing...I had called her this I had just really been praying about if it was something I was suppose to do or not.
I agreed to help out for the week that she was going to be gone...trying to hold my excitement in! I just love when God answers prayers! So I walk down the hall to discuss all this with the director and she has 3 more weeks that she knows another teacher is going to be out. Sooooo, starting Sept. 13th - Oct. 7th I will be working on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ok, here is the best part! Jackson gets to go too! He will be in the room with me and get to play with other kids and have mommy around other kids! Also, an answer to my prayers. So it was a very exciting morning.
Update of the cookie is going very well for the first week. I have sold 2 bouquets and 1 box order of cookies. Pretty good for just getting the word out; hopefully more orders to come!
Now for a football update...I'm a nervous wreck. And that's all I know. No just kidding...well kind of. I know that the boys have had a great week of practice and that my husband has not come home one day frustrated at them...that's huge! Not that Peter comes home everyday frustrated, but there are some that are harder than others. Peter has just stated that they are catching on to everything very well! So, we will see tonight how JV does and tomorrow night how Varsity does. I'm anxious for the end result. Please continue to pray that we will play with confidence and strength! Also, pray against injuries!
Will update soon!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lazy Day

I slept like a rock last night...only to wake up feeling like I hadn't slept at all. I hate that feeling. Jackson woke me about 7:40, he was knocking on his door. I love it! He gets up and out of bed and lightly knocks on his door until someone comes and lets him out. Then he walks down the hall yelling for Ella, goes potty, and then goes to the fridge for his milk. He wakes up in the best matter how I feel he makes me smile. So this morning when I wish I could have climbed back in bed, instead I got to snuggle in "the chair" and watch Imagination Movers with my buddy. It really doesn't get much better than that...well maybe Peter joining us BUT we would have to buy a bigger chair!
We have had a pretty lazy day. I needed to clean the bathrooms and mop the floors but I never made it to that. I did get the cookie bouquets delivered and the lasagna made to go in the oven for dinner. Let me just tell you that Peter is very excited to have Italian again! Well, actually he isn't. But I can't help it...that is all I want when I'm pregnant! I could eat Italian everyday, but for some reason Peter is sick of it! The other thing that I eat everyday- cereal! I'm consuming more milk right now than I think I ever have. I have 2-3 cups at breakfast and then a bowl of cereal and then sometimes before I go to bed I will have some more milk! Nuts!!!! That is what it is because normally I don't care for milk out of a glass...unless I'm having a big breakfast then I will drink some. Obviously, Karis needs calcium!
Anyway, I'm now sitting in the chair with my feet up watching this new show I have found called, Rachel Zoe. Yes, I'm being lazy and a part of me is feeling so guilty but the other part of me can't make myself get up and do something. So I continue to sit!
I was going to report that Peter said the boys are doing well with what was introduced yesterday. There is more to learn today so hopefully they will catch on quickly! Friday will be here before we know it!
Tomorrow Jackson and I will be in Abilene. I have PT for the first time in several weeks. I'm a little concerned with what she is going to say, but over all I have been feeling good. As long as I'm exercising and doing my stretches! So until another post...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Go Bucks!

Football started this past week! We began on Thursday night. Jackson and I didn't make it to the JV white game, but when we got there for the JV green game the stands were full of people! The boys were already out on the field and kick off started at 7:00! They did awesome...they played like athletes and it was a great victory. After the game it was so fun to watch the parents come and congratulate the players but also the coaches! I was also informed at the end of the game that there were more people there that night than there every was for a Varsity game...WOW! Sad and exciting all at the same time!
I was so anxious on Friday...the day seemed to creep by. Finally, we got in the car to head to the game. We had to stop for some food in Abilene and then of course I would take the road the wrong way to get to the game. So after turning around and retracing my path we were on the way...I was so mad at myself for normally I am not one to get turned around! We pulled up right at 7:30, there was a HUGE line to get into the stands and all I keep thinking was that I could not hold Jackson and stand in this line. Thank goodness since we had passes we got to go on in! We get around to our side of the stands and there are no seats...well I say no seats...we did find seats but we were packed in like sardines! It was so fun! The game was close, tied at half, and then in the 3rd quarter Jim Ned was up 13-7. Man it was intense. 4th quarter hit and we had to score! Let me just tell you that this is when I became of the most seemed like the other team just hit a wall. They were turning the ball over, not moving quickly, and then there are our bucks playing just as hard if not harder and driving this team into the ground! Whoever wants to argue that conditioning does not go hand in hand with football...well they would lose that argument after watching this! WE WON!!!! 35- 13...I think that was the final score!
It was amazing and such a blessing to watch the fans and the players as they had just won there first game of the season! Those boys have worked so hard and have come so far...and they wanted it so bad! I know that this is just the beginning and we have so much more to go, but it just blesses my heart that God is faithful in the little things. As the boys and coaches came off the field they seemed to be in shock. Peter just kept saying that I can't believe we beat them by that much...haha it was great!
So another week has begun and this game should be just as interesting as last week. The coaches have spent many hours already getting ready for this game and now it is the boys turn to practice hard! Praying against any pride that would make them fall, but for confidence and great attitudes!
I have been baking most of the day. I made banana bread this morning, had 6 bananas going bad and had to do something with them! Breakfast for Friday morning is made. I also worked on cookies for a couple of cookie bouquets, planning on taking those to the admin office and high school office tomorrow. Gotta gets those out there for people to see and hoping for orders soon! I hate starting from the beginning with the cookie business, I had just gotten things rolling in Belton before we left, but hopefully it won't take to long!
Jackson's potty training is going better than expected. He is wearing underwear when at home and diapers when we go out. As soon as we are out of these diapers we will move on to pull-ups. He is still having a few accidents during the day, but I never thought we would be doing this well by Sept. I think by December he will be a pro, just in time to start buying diapers for Karis! He is a busy boy! Always going and doing! He has started wanting to help me when I'm in the kitchen, he stands on the step stool and is my spoon licker...he can sure get those spoons clean when they come out of the batter! He is my joy! I'm so blessed to get to stay home with him!
Football updates to come!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Football Season!

Well, we have begun! Football 2010 has started...well it started on Monday. It has been an exciting week for all the coaches and players. The weather has stepped up to the plate as well, we really have had a mild summer so far BUT as soon as Monday got here we hit triple digits! It has been in the 100's everyday this week! But that hasn't stopped anyone, players and coaches have still been working hard. They are drained though when everything is over at the end of the day!
The coaches have been quite spoiled...they have had breakfast everyone morning this week. And I should add that it is a homemade breakfast. All the coaches wives have stepped it up and have been making breakfast. I do have to say we have great wives!!!! So far this week the coaches have had eggs and sausage twice, cinnamon rolls, kolaches, and something yummy this morning that I haven't heard about yet! And this will continue on through next week I said SPOILED!
This morning is the first morning that the boys will put on pads. So of course Jackson and I have to go check it out! After there hard workout this morning they get to go to the city pool to do their conditioning and to cool down after their hard practice! Will have more to report on this matter later!
On a different note, if you have not heard The Medlock Family is having a girl! Karis Ann Medlock will be here sometime mid December. We are very excited and it will be here before we know it because of football season. I haven't really started planning to much for the nursery...I know the colors that I want to use but just have to find what I'm wanting. I'm not doing a theme like I did for Jackson, just pretty girly colors! Jackson is going to be a great big brother, although he has no idea what it going on. I ask him where the baby is and sometimes he pats my tummy and sometimes its a little higher up...if you know what I mean!
Well, it is a short blog but wanted to touch base. Have to go get us both dressed to head to the field.
Have a wonderful day!

Monday, June 28, 2010

4 months later!

Well, it has been exactly 4 months since my last post! So much has gone on in those 4 months it's hard to know where to start. I will try to start where we left off. We moved to Breckenridge the weekend of Feb 28th. Like I mentioned before we moved into an rv that peters grandparents allowed us to borrow. Peter and I thought we would be there about a month, enough time to close on a home. We felt sure we would find something right away...well we didn't! A few weeks went by and we finally found a home and started a contract. That was a headache all in itself, you find out real quick who to use and trust and who not too! Finally, at the beginning of May we closed on the home!
April came with new surprises! A baby....yes we are having our second child in December! It was a huge surprise that caused tears of shock and then tears of joy. We are anxious to see what our new blessing will be and will find out July 26th! Being pregnant and having a one year old is an adventure all in itself!
The stay in the rv started to get interesting! Jackson started walking very well in April and was on the move all the time! So keeping him in the rv was beginning to get tricky! Then the fridge started to go out on the rv, which we found out was not cheap to fix! So by the beginning of May I was starting to go a little crazy. I didn't feel well because of the pregnancy, I had a confined one yr old, and it felt like the rv was falling apart....I know this sounds a bit dramatic but I being honest! With that being said the last 2 weeks I ended up at my parents because I just couldn't do it anymore (oh and to add to the list the air conditioner couldn't keep the rv cool because it was so hot outside!) after the 2 weeks it was finally time to move into the house!
Oh man,buying a house is a whole new adventure, or should I say a costly adventure! Before we moved furniture Peter, my dad, and I painted, ripped up carpet, put down flooring, and other odds and ends! Then came the furniture and boxes, which brought with it unpacking and finding a new home for all this stuff! With the help of my parents we got a great start, although I'm still working on getting everything in it's own spot! I love having a home! I love my garage, my backyard, my flower bed, my kitchen, my dishwasher, I just love my house and living in an rv for a long amount of time make you appreciate everything you have!
The rv is parked beside our home and is a daily reminder of how much of a blessing it was in our lives! Without that rv our family would have been apart for 3 months, we probably would not be expecting another blessing, and Peter would have missed so much of jacksons changes. We are truly greatful for the rv, even though it was luxury for 3 months. It really put things in perspective for me. I really can live without alot of things that I have and also just how God takes care of you and provides even if it's not exactly what or how you would have chosen. I'm so thankful for the time in the rv and what it has taught me and how it has made me more of who I am! Well, I know there's more to tell but I have to jump up and go fix dinner. We are having chicken tetrazzini with veggies and fruit. I'm starving!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our New Home

Well, it is late so this will be short, but I wanted to let everyone know that we are safe and sound in Breckenridge.
After moving and unloading for a total of 15 hrs yesterday we are now settled in the RV. It is quite cozy!
Tomorrow starts the next to-do list...switching banks, car insurance, etc. Oh, and trying to find a house. I'm hoping to get to mark that one off the list sooner than later....but we are making the best of the RV because we don't just want to settle on just any house!
Please continue to pray for us as we are settling in!
Love you all!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A New Adventure


I'm so sorry that I have not posted in such a long time! It has been a bit crazy and I have some exciting news to share...We are MOVING! When, where, and the end of February, to Breckenridge, TX, and because Peter got a job promotion. Peter will be the new O-line coach, district wide strength and conditioning coach, and assistant track coach. He will be working under Coach Freeman...who was his head coach at Brownwood when he played ball. He has always wanted to work for Steve and we are excited that he finally has the chance to do so! We know that this is all part of God's plan for our family and we are excited to see what He has in store for us! for some details on where we will be living once we get to Breckenridge. I know that you will all be jealous...we are going to be living in an RV! I know what most of you are have to be crazy...BUT actually it is a huge blessing. Peter's grandparents allowed us to use the RV as long as we need. If we didn't have the RV to live in that would mean that Peter would have to be in Breckenridge and Jackson and I would have to be here in Belton. We could live apart and make it work, but it is very hard. This week Peter has been gone since Tuesday afternoon and I'm so ready for him to be home. It is hard to be at home all day with Jackson and then all night, and then waking up and doing it all over again...and then there is no one to talk to because Jackson doesn't communicate quit as well as Peter. So, the RV is a HUGE blessing because it will allow us to be together as a family!
We are in the process of looking for a home. At this time in Breckenridge there are 2 homes that are in our price range. So, we are going to look at both homes again this weekend with our parents to get there opinions and then hopefully things will start moving in a direction where we can purchase a home! I will have more details as we get them!
Packing, packing, packing! That is all I'm doing...well that is how it feels. I have made pretty good progress. I have just about every room done except for our bedroom/bathroom. It is a little bit hard, because some things have to come to the RV with us and then everything else will go to a storage building until we find a permanent home. Our apartment right now is filled with tubes and boxes...a little messy but I keep telling myself that it is only for a short time! Hopefully the next two days I have everything pretty much done, so that next week I can do anything else that I suddenly think of and start the cleaning processes.
Please pray for Peter and I to continue to be wise in the decisions that we make. And most of all the God continues to guide us on this new adventure!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Jackson and Adia getting ready for a walk!

I hope this message finds everyone enjoying the start of their weekend! Well, this morning when Jackson woke up his toe looked bad, it started to look bad last night, buy I thought after 10hrs of him not moving around it would be better. But it wasn't. We went in as soon as I could get both babies ready and out of the house! The Dr. looked at it and he left the room to make arrangements for Jackson to have his toe all better.
This is the plan for the am: We go in at 7:00 am and Jackson will be taken back and everything will start at 8. They will put him under and the Dr. will pull back the skin and see if there is something around his toe. If there is, he will cut whatever is there and that will be that. If there is nothing there, that means that he has the genetic disorder where the skin makes a band around his toe. If that is the case then the Dr. will do a small surgery to release the band and stretch the skin back out. I really don't understand how it all works, but I'm not the one who went to school for years to learn about all this! I have complete trust in the Dr., I know that God is going to work through him tomorrow. God is in control!
Please pray that everything goes smoothly. I will update as soon as possible! Thank you for all your prayers!

Monday, January 18, 2010

please pray for our Jackson


I want to post really quick tonight to let everyone know of a prayer request. Today was Jackson's 9 month Dr. visit; first of all I can not believe that he is 9 months! Everything as far as Jacksons health was wonderful. He is the 50% in his weight and height. He weighed 20 lbs and 9oz and he is 281/4 in tall. He is a big healthy boy! He has a cold right now, but nothing to worry about! She said that it should be gone with in the next couple of days. The last thing that we had here look at was his middle toe on his left foot. About a week and a half ago after his bath I noticed that it was split all the way around and was very swollen. I thought that it was dry skin and that we just needed to keep it clean and doctored. When mom came last week she commented that to her it looked like a hair got wrapped around his toe. We kept doctoring it and covering thinking that it would get better, and it did to an extent. But anytime we would go just a little while with out medicine it would get really red and swell back up.
So Dr. Riser looked at it and was concerned. She called a foot and ankle specialist and we immediately went to see him. He looked at his toe and tried to look in the crack, but he told us it was like a trench that there is a hole all the way around but the other skin is swollen up around it. So he cant see anything, but is worried that there is still something wrapped around his toe. The other thing that it can be is a genetic disorder where your skin forms a band (like a rubber band) around the toe, or where ever on the body. So this is where we are at. If the antibiotics start to help and keep the toe the way it is then we will go back in next week for him to look at it and make a plan for them to go in and cut whatever is wrapped around his toe, he would have to be put under. The other thing is if it gets worse at anytime during the next week we will immediately take him in and they will do the procedure. The last thing that I asked about was what if it got better with the meds. He said that if that happens then we will just continue to keep an eye on it, Jackson would go in regularly to see the Dr. and probably means that it is the genetic disorder. He would not want to do surgery until his is older if that is the case, if he has the genetic disorder.
So with that being said, we ask for you to pray. We ask that you pray that Jackson's toe doesn't get any worse, so there is nothing that has to be done in an Emergency state. Please pray that if there is something there that it doesn't keep digging into his toe, but it stays where it is. Also, pray that if whatever was/is wrapped around his toe, if that has come off at any point that these meds heal his toe and that nothing further would need to be done!
We are at peace with the Dr. decision and we are patiently waiting to see him next week. I will keep everyone updated!
Thank you!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Tuesday

The pictures that I have attached are from the 2 wedding that we attended over the holidays.
We have had an interesting day. Lots of sleep going on around here. When you have two babies that are teething, it seems to be normal. We also have two snotty noses, two doses of Tylenol, two snot rags, and two things of orajel! Things come in twos around here!
Well, Peter, Jackson, and I had a great weekend. Friday night we went to the Belton basketball game and then out for dessert with one of the other coaches families. Peter and I had blackberry cobbler with ice cream and coffee...and no we didn't share! Saturday we just took it easy! I did go to the grocery store and get food, but Jackson and daddy stayed home all day. It was freezing that day so it was better for Jackson to stay in. Terri came later that evening to see Jackson. I made chicken fried venison, mashed potatoes, and salad for was very yummy! Peter really enjoyed it, he has been wanting it for a while! He even cleaned up the kitchen after I was done frying!
Sunday we went to church and heard a very good message. After church we went and had lunch with Rod, Dana, Caleb, and Daphine. It was very good! I love Cheddars! The rest of the afternoon we relaxed...Jackson and I took a nap and Peter played on the computer.
Peter and I are once again standing in awe of God's protection and faithfulness. I actually had started this post this morning and this is the first time that I have gotten to sit down to finish it. To make a long story short, Peter and I thought that we had sold the Rodeo. We had someone contact us over the holidays and we were very excited because they offered more than we expected to get for the car. We went through several emails and they finally responded that they had sent the check. Peter and I had everything planned out, what was going into saving, what was going toward the truck, and the exciting part...paying off Jacksons medical bills!!! We received the check yesterday and made plans for Peter to take it to the bank today. A couple of weeks ago my dad had called with concern of the check being a scam and told us to go and talked to our bank before doing anything with the check. Praise the Lord that is what we did, the check was a SCAM! We would have responsible for a lot of money if everything would have gone through, the check was for 2,000 more because we were suppose to write a check to the shipping company that was coming to pick up the car. We are so thankful! It is hard to be upset because God has protected us! Please be careful of Craig's List...I know that you hear that all the time, but please to caution when you are on there or purchase anything!
Well, that is about it. Mom and Stephane are coming for a day visit tomorrow. We are going to take the babies out...going to lunch and maybe a little shopping. Please pray that we find someone that would like to buy the rodeo!

At Jacob and Stephiane's Rehearsal Dinner

Cupcakes I made for Caleb and Daphines Wedding

Calebs Guitar cake that I made(the grooms cake)

Our Family- at Caleb and Daphines Rehearsal Dinner

Friday, January 8, 2010

Let me just tell you that I'm dying without my camera. I'm now kicking myself for not allowing Peter to met my parents in Gatesville to get it. He offered and everything! I didn't realize how much I used it until now when its not here! I will have it next week and I'm excited for it to be here for me to grab!
This week has been challenging, but so good. Adia is very different than Jackson, which is to be expected! It has made me realize just how independent Jackson is and how quickly he has done things. And how MOBILE he is! He is a mess! He is in to everything and can go where ever he wants. I just know that when he gets very quiet he is getting into something! He has been a little bit more clingy this week, he has never had to share my time, my lap, my kisses...well really he has had to share nothing! He is adjusting and he really loves Adia! Every morning we all sit on the floor and play and he comes over and gives her kisses and then goes along about his morning business! He is the cutest boy! I can't remember if I mentioned in the last blog that he is now walking with the help of his walking toy. SCARY! What am I going to do when he is walking!? Its going to be here before I know it!
Last night we went to coach Brewers house for the game. We had lots of good food and fun visiting with everyone. It was a sad game to me, but I have a lot of respect for McCoy and was so proud of how he handled himself!
We are staying here this weekend. This is the last weekend before Winter/Spring sports start for Peter. I'm glad we are going to be here to because of all this cold weather! The only thing that I have to do is go to the grocery store...may get up early in the morning and do that! If I go early maybe there won't be so many crazy people out!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Stay warm!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Excitement in the Medlock home

I forgot to share with everyone the new responsibility that I have taken on as of yesterday. I am now keeping another baby. Her name is Adia and she is 5 1/2 months old. Yesterday was a very interesting day! Her cry scares Jackson a little so yesterday anytime she would start crying he would start crying, then she would get a little louder, than he would get a little louder...than I would want to start just kidding! It was a little overwhelming, but I would just put both in my lap and we would rock. I feel sure that I could take care of twins now! Today is much better and I knew it would be. Jackson is a little jealous, he is not use to having to share his mommy.
Adia is a great baby. She has allergies, which they just found out, so poor thing has a running nose and cough. She also just got a tooth, so for everything that she is dealing with she is a little trooper!
As I sit here typing both babies are watching the Praise Collection, which is a video of praise music with different pictures that play while the song is going on. They are both a little fussy and getting sleepy but I'm trying to hold them off and give them both a bottle and then night night for both. They are just sitting and quietly watching and listening! Sweet babies!
Keeping Adia was such a answered prayer for Peter and I. I was getting to the point where I wanted to contribute a little more with money, NOT that taking care of Jackson is not contributing. We knew that it would be nice just to have a little cushion money. I had not looked for any type of work, just had been doing my baking...then Tori called and asked if I would be interested in keeping another baby. Julie and I talked and met and now Adia is apart of my and Jacksons daily schedule. I'm excited to see how Julie, Dave, and Adia fit into God plan for our family goes by. Julie and Dave are strong believers and I'm excited to get to know them!
As far as Peters job goes right now he is doing powerlifting. He is head powerlifting coach this year. Lots of new responsibility's, but he loves every moment of it! The boys have their first meet of the 23rd of this month. I'm not sure where it is at, haven't gotten a schedule yet. Jackson and I will be missing that one more than likely because I have a Cookie Decorating Party that day that I have to go to. There will be plenty more for us to make though!
Hope everyone has a very blessed day!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Hello all!
It has been over a month since I have sat down to type. Truthfully it has been a month since I have sat down!...well that is what it feels like. It has been a crazy holiday, although I believe every holiday has a bit of craziness to it! Everything really started about the week before that is where I will begin.
I'm sad to say that I have left my camera at my mom's so I have no new pictures to post, but as soon as I get it back I will post lots of pics!
December 19th was the day that Caleb and Daphine got married. I was the baker and did the grooms cake and 300 cupcakes! It was a blast...and a mess! The small problem was that I also took on some cookie orders that week also, so needless to say I stretched myself a little thin. But in the end all the cookies got baked, decorated, and delivered...and the wedding cupcakes and the groom guitar cake was there and set in time! Need to say some thank you to my mom and dad, Kyle and Terri, Allison, and Peter. Could not have pulled it all off without you!
Well, the next morning after the wedding we got up early and headed to Brownwood to celebrate Christmas with my family. We had steak, shrimp, potatoes, corn on the cob, salad, and rolls! YUMMY! And then of course dessert, buttermilk pie and pudding delight! It was very good and we were all very full! We opened gifts at some point during the day...I think that it was before the food but now I seem to be forgetting! Peter and I got some gift cards (sonic, Starbucks, Landry's, and to the movies) from my parents and a picture from Jacob and Steph. Jackson got a new wagon from Nonnie and Papa! We really enjoyed getting to spend time with everyone and getting to relax!
The next day Peter and I decided to go ahead and head to San Antonio. Since mom and dad had given us the gift cards it helped free up some money and we got to stay an extra night! So we stayed Monday and Tuesday night at the Durrary! It was very nice and so nice to get to spend some time just the two of us! The first night we went and ate down on the river walk at Landry's, it was of course amazing! Peter had swordfish and I had shrimp wrapped in bacon and crab meat! Super Good! We did a little shopping while we were there! They have a store in the Rim called Home Goods and it is my new favorite! Peter got a new fishing pole and I got a new coat. The second night we just order pizza in and relaxed in the room! It was perfect and the amount of time we were gone was perfect...because I was ready to get back to my boy!
We got back to Brownwood in time for Peter to go hunting and for my to love on Jackson! I got our stuff back organized and when Peter was done we headed to his parents house. We had dinner and visited with his mom and dad and grandparents. Jackson put on his show of all the things that he can do. After I got Jackson down I met Shelby...who I have not seen in 4 years! It was so much fun to talk and catch up with her. We got kicked out of Chilies and then sat in the parking lot and talked till about 1am. Good times! The next morning we woke up to snow! It was snowing in Brownwood and it was beautiful! We had to get the truck packed for Fredricksburg, that is where we had Christmas with Peters family. So packing in the snow was not as much fun as sitting inside and watching it snow. But we got packed and headed to Fredricksburg.
Once we were there the snow had stopped and it was just cold! We had a chili cook off the first was a lot of fun. I made White Bean Chili and then the other two cabins made traditional Chili. It all was very good! The next morning was Christmas, and yes Santa did come visit. Santa brought Jackson a pop up rocket that he can crawl in and out of and a leap frog table that sings and talks. It was lots of fun watching Peter put the things together and to watch Jackson play with his new toys. He also got new toys from Grancie Ann and Grandbob, Grancie and Pop, and Aunt Amy. There are alot, but some are a new bible, silly song play land, and a penguin that rocks topples and sings. That day for Christmas dinner we had steak and potatoes with tamales and hot sauce. It was very good! We had lots of fun while we were there. We played a new game Apples to Apples. We had a campfire one night. And the girls spent one day shopping downtown! Fun Fun!
After we had packed up from Fredricksburg our first plan was to head back home, but Peter had not gotten a dear yet and so we headed back to Brownwood for him to hunt! That was short and sweet because the weather turned bad again and we had to head home. We got back to Belton late Monday night and we were pooped!
We were home a few days and it was very nice. I did a lot of cleaning out, reorganizing, and cleaning the house! Peter calls it, crawling around like a spider...and I drive him crazy! But things are cleaned out, put away, and out of site!
Friday started a whole new adventure because my brother and sister in law were having a wedding. So we had get ready for all the excitement! Friday we headed to Waco to do a little shopping and then to head to the rehearsal and the dinner. After that we headed home and left early the next morning to get ready for the wedding. It all turned out beautiful and I will try to have more details later, but I have to run now!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! And I promise that it won't be a month before I post again!