Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Tuesday

The pictures that I have attached are from the 2 wedding that we attended over the holidays.
We have had an interesting day. Lots of sleep going on around here. When you have two babies that are teething, it seems to be normal. We also have two snotty noses, two doses of Tylenol, two snot rags, and two things of orajel! Things come in twos around here!
Well, Peter, Jackson, and I had a great weekend. Friday night we went to the Belton basketball game and then out for dessert with one of the other coaches families. Peter and I had blackberry cobbler with ice cream and coffee...and no we didn't share! Saturday we just took it easy! I did go to the grocery store and get food, but Jackson and daddy stayed home all day. It was freezing that day so it was better for Jackson to stay in. Terri came later that evening to see Jackson. I made chicken fried venison, mashed potatoes, and salad for dinner...it was very yummy! Peter really enjoyed it, he has been wanting it for a while! He even cleaned up the kitchen after I was done frying!
Sunday we went to church and heard a very good message. After church we went and had lunch with Rod, Dana, Caleb, and Daphine. It was very good! I love Cheddars! The rest of the afternoon we relaxed...Jackson and I took a nap and Peter played on the computer.
Peter and I are once again standing in awe of God's protection and faithfulness. I actually had started this post this morning and this is the first time that I have gotten to sit down to finish it. To make a long story short, Peter and I thought that we had sold the Rodeo. We had someone contact us over the holidays and we were very excited because they offered more than we expected to get for the car. We went through several emails and they finally responded that they had sent the check. Peter and I had everything planned out, what was going into saving, what was going toward the truck, and the exciting part...paying off Jacksons medical bills!!! We received the check yesterday and made plans for Peter to take it to the bank today. A couple of weeks ago my dad had called with concern of the check being a scam and told us to go and talked to our bank before doing anything with the check. Praise the Lord that is what we did, the check was a SCAM! We would have responsible for a lot of money if everything would have gone through, the check was for 2,000 more because we were suppose to write a check to the shipping company that was coming to pick up the car. We are so thankful! It is hard to be upset because God has protected us! Please be careful of Craig's List...I know that you hear that all the time, but please to caution when you are on there or purchase anything!
Well, that is about it. Mom and Stephane are coming for a day visit tomorrow. We are going to take the babies out...going to lunch and maybe a little shopping. Please pray that we find someone that would like to buy the rodeo!

At Jacob and Stephiane's Rehearsal Dinner

Cupcakes I made for Caleb and Daphines Wedding

Calebs Guitar cake that I made(the grooms cake)

Our Family- at Caleb and Daphines Rehearsal Dinner

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