Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blessed Day

Today has been a good day. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out because I was up after midnight last night making cookies! MY fault!!!! I truly believe that being pregnant does something to your brain...makes it scattered!!! I made a whole batch of cookies and then realized that I forgot the eggs. I was so frustrated at myself and frustrated because I didn't think that I was going to have enough flour to make a whole new batch. This is where my amazing husband joins in...he jumps out of his 9:30 and goes down to the IGA to pick me up a bag of flour! So because of my mistake I was up way later than I thought and was sure that I would be totally exhausted today. But, it has been a great day!
I had a bouquet to deliver this morning at the First Baptist Church. It was meet the teacher day for the Weekids program and one of the husbands got a bouquet for there wife, who is a teacher. She was very excited and it was fun to deliver. Well, while I was there I got asked if I would be interested in subbing. *Side note- This has been something that I have been praying about for months. I thought that I wanted to teach a weekids class, but knew come January it would be to much. But I had not heard from the director about subbing...I had called her this I had just really been praying about if it was something I was suppose to do or not.
I agreed to help out for the week that she was going to be gone...trying to hold my excitement in! I just love when God answers prayers! So I walk down the hall to discuss all this with the director and she has 3 more weeks that she knows another teacher is going to be out. Sooooo, starting Sept. 13th - Oct. 7th I will be working on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ok, here is the best part! Jackson gets to go too! He will be in the room with me and get to play with other kids and have mommy around other kids! Also, an answer to my prayers. So it was a very exciting morning.
Update of the cookie is going very well for the first week. I have sold 2 bouquets and 1 box order of cookies. Pretty good for just getting the word out; hopefully more orders to come!
Now for a football update...I'm a nervous wreck. And that's all I know. No just kidding...well kind of. I know that the boys have had a great week of practice and that my husband has not come home one day frustrated at them...that's huge! Not that Peter comes home everyday frustrated, but there are some that are harder than others. Peter has just stated that they are catching on to everything very well! So, we will see tonight how JV does and tomorrow night how Varsity does. I'm anxious for the end result. Please continue to pray that we will play with confidence and strength! Also, pray against injuries!
Will update soon!

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