Friday, January 22, 2010


Jackson and Adia getting ready for a walk!

I hope this message finds everyone enjoying the start of their weekend! Well, this morning when Jackson woke up his toe looked bad, it started to look bad last night, buy I thought after 10hrs of him not moving around it would be better. But it wasn't. We went in as soon as I could get both babies ready and out of the house! The Dr. looked at it and he left the room to make arrangements for Jackson to have his toe all better.
This is the plan for the am: We go in at 7:00 am and Jackson will be taken back and everything will start at 8. They will put him under and the Dr. will pull back the skin and see if there is something around his toe. If there is, he will cut whatever is there and that will be that. If there is nothing there, that means that he has the genetic disorder where the skin makes a band around his toe. If that is the case then the Dr. will do a small surgery to release the band and stretch the skin back out. I really don't understand how it all works, but I'm not the one who went to school for years to learn about all this! I have complete trust in the Dr., I know that God is going to work through him tomorrow. God is in control!
Please pray that everything goes smoothly. I will update as soon as possible! Thank you for all your prayers!

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