Friday, August 6, 2010

Football Season!

Well, we have begun! Football 2010 has started...well it started on Monday. It has been an exciting week for all the coaches and players. The weather has stepped up to the plate as well, we really have had a mild summer so far BUT as soon as Monday got here we hit triple digits! It has been in the 100's everyday this week! But that hasn't stopped anyone, players and coaches have still been working hard. They are drained though when everything is over at the end of the day!
The coaches have been quite spoiled...they have had breakfast everyone morning this week. And I should add that it is a homemade breakfast. All the coaches wives have stepped it up and have been making breakfast. I do have to say we have great wives!!!! So far this week the coaches have had eggs and sausage twice, cinnamon rolls, kolaches, and something yummy this morning that I haven't heard about yet! And this will continue on through next week I said SPOILED!
This morning is the first morning that the boys will put on pads. So of course Jackson and I have to go check it out! After there hard workout this morning they get to go to the city pool to do their conditioning and to cool down after their hard practice! Will have more to report on this matter later!
On a different note, if you have not heard The Medlock Family is having a girl! Karis Ann Medlock will be here sometime mid December. We are very excited and it will be here before we know it because of football season. I haven't really started planning to much for the nursery...I know the colors that I want to use but just have to find what I'm wanting. I'm not doing a theme like I did for Jackson, just pretty girly colors! Jackson is going to be a great big brother, although he has no idea what it going on. I ask him where the baby is and sometimes he pats my tummy and sometimes its a little higher up...if you know what I mean!
Well, it is a short blog but wanted to touch base. Have to go get us both dressed to head to the field.
Have a wonderful day!

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