Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Excitement in the Medlock home

I forgot to share with everyone the new responsibility that I have taken on as of yesterday. I am now keeping another baby. Her name is Adia and she is 5 1/2 months old. Yesterday was a very interesting day! Her cry scares Jackson a little so yesterday anytime she would start crying he would start crying, then she would get a little louder, than he would get a little louder...than I would want to start crying...no just kidding! It was a little overwhelming, but I would just put both in my lap and we would rock. I feel sure that I could take care of twins now! Today is much better and I knew it would be. Jackson is a little jealous, he is not use to having to share his mommy.
Adia is a great baby. She has allergies, which they just found out, so poor thing has a running nose and cough. She also just got a tooth, so for everything that she is dealing with she is a little trooper!
As I sit here typing both babies are watching the Praise Collection, which is a video of praise music with different pictures that play while the song is going on. They are both a little fussy and getting sleepy but I'm trying to hold them off and give them both a bottle and then night night for both. They are just sitting and quietly watching and listening! Sweet babies!
Keeping Adia was such a answered prayer for Peter and I. I was getting to the point where I wanted to contribute a little more with money, NOT that taking care of Jackson is not contributing. We knew that it would be nice just to have a little cushion money. I had not looked for any type of work, just had been doing my baking...then Tori called and asked if I would be interested in keeping another baby. Julie and I talked and met and now Adia is apart of my and Jacksons daily schedule. I'm excited to see how Julie, Dave, and Adia fit into God plan for our family goes by. Julie and Dave are strong believers and I'm excited to get to know them!
As far as Peters job goes right now he is doing powerlifting. He is head powerlifting coach this year. Lots of new responsibility's, but he loves every moment of it! The boys have their first meet of the 23rd of this month. I'm not sure where it is at, haven't gotten a schedule yet. Jackson and I will be missing that one more than likely because I have a Cookie Decorating Party that day that I have to go to. There will be plenty more for us to make though!
Hope everyone has a very blessed day!

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