Monday, September 28, 2009


Jackson is now 15lbs and 12 oz. He has gained 4 lbs in a matter of about 5 weeks! I believe the Dr. was right and he needed that formula! He is a big boy. As soon as he wakes up from his nap I will measure him. I know that he has grown at least 2 more inches!
Jackson got a johnny jump up for our house today. He has one at Nonnie and Pop's house, so he already knows how to use now he will be a real pro with getting to practice everyday! Something to keep him moving...the child does not like to sit still. Lately he has either wanted to be in his excer-saucer or on the floor; every once in a while he will sit in his bumbo or in his rocking chair...but he wants nothing to do with the very expensive swing that is sitting in our living room! He can't move himself in the swing! So that is why I went ahead and get the johnny jump up so that he would have something else that he can do! He is a very busy boy!
Please remember to pray for my mom tomorrow. She is having surgery at 8:00 and the plan is that she will be home on Wednesday morning. Jackson and I are leaving early Wednesday morning to go help take care of her!
Off to make Peter some muffins with my new food processor!!!! If you don't have a food processor and love to cook it is totally worth the investment!!!

What's for dinner: Lasagna, broccoli, and rolls

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Night Football

Here we are again...another Friday. I had a lot planned for today and was looking forward to getting so much accomplished... but it has not worked. I was planning on taking Peter lunch, going to the bank, going by wal-mart, going to target, and then maybe by academy. Well, I go by to get Peter something for lunch and it was a complete disaster! The guy that worked there took a hour to make a sandwich!!!! A HOUR! I'm not lying...I got to hear his whole life story (which was not good!) Have you ever had a conversation with someone and never said anything in return...not sure if you would even call it a conversation. I didn't know what to do or say...I'm not good in these situations because I don't want to hurt their feelings! So I sat there for an hour...I really only had 15 mins to wait for Peters sandwich so to say the least it was late! And then on top of all that it was cold and mine was not good! DISASTER!!!
So that has thrown my whole day off! I did not get to have lunch with Peter nor did he get to hold Jackson, I did not get to feed Jackson while I was there so then I had to come back home. Now poor Jackson is wiped out so he is napping, so this means no walmart, no target, no academy...I HAVE to make it by bank before dinner! Oh well, I guess I will try again tomorrow!
Tonight is our 4th football game of the season and our first district game. Hoping for another win! Praying for safty for both teams! And that once again we play with confidence and a little tiger pride! GO TIGERS!

Me with my cousins Camerson and Logan

Jackson eating a biter biscuit...its stuck to his tummy!

All done! Messy Messy!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Catching Up!

This my be my longest blog yet! Our Internet has been down at home because of some communication problems with AT&T. But there has been a lot going on in the past week.
Tuesday Jackson and I went to Miller Heights to visit. That morning I made chocolate chip cookies for the teachers and then went to see everyone. It was so good to be back and see everyone's smiling faces! Jackson got lots of love and left his mark on a couple of friends that held him! (I promise I will catch up on pictures, the Internet here is to slow to download). After that we left and took daddy some cookies up to work for a snack before football.
Wednesday was a day of resting and staying home! Jackson and I played a lot and he slept a lot too! Thursday we went and had lunch with Peter before we left to go to Brownwood. We had a very long trip because I didn't have Ella's medicine and she was a nervous wreck the whole way here. Ella has problems with anxiety and so we normally give her a pill to relax when we get in the car to go on long trips. Without it she about pees on herself when she sees an eighteen wheeler, if the windshield wipers come on, or if there is any type of sudden movement...lets just say it makes for a long ride! So I was very happy to finally pull up in the drive of my mom and dads and let her out to be a country dog! Thursday night my dad grilled trout!!!! YUMMY! I finally got to eat my $9 trout and it was the best fish I have ever eaten. My mom also made me a Mama Houges Chocolate Cake...which if you like chocolate cake you would love this! It is chocolate cake with fudge icing...and it is the best chocolate cake I have ever had!!! I have had a lot of chocolate cake...and I'm not just saying this because my mom made it!!!
Friday we went and spent the day with Grancie and Pops. Jackson and Pop both took a very long nap, so Grancie and I looked at old pictures! It was very fun...I love to look at pictures! Once Jackson got up we were pretty sure we were dying of hunger so we went to the train for fried pickles, soup, and a sandwich! After lunch we dropped Jackson off to play with Pop and took little Layla (Amy's puppy) to the vet. Then we went to Wal-Mart and got stuff to start decorating for the fall! I LOVE FALL and it is one of my favorite things to decorate for...second to Christmas! We are hoping for a Thanksgiving in Belton, because that would mean we were still playing football!!!! Nothing like a great game of football the Saturday after Thanksgiving!!!!
Speaking of football...that was our next adventure! We went to Star to watch a little 6 man football. It was a lot of fun and very different than my normal Friday night football experiences! It is tiny...everything...the stands, the team, the press box(that actually just looks like a box), the fans! Although, there fans could have beat Belton Tigers fans in a sprint contest. It was so fun...I can honestly say that I haven't had that much fun at a game since Peter played college ball! Our fans need to take a little lesson from the Victory Life Fans and Cheer and support no matter what it going on down on the field!!!!! Victory didn't end up winning, but they played hard and THE coolest thing was that they prayed with the team after the game was over!!! A public school team!!!! and they all circled up and one the players prayed the most incredible prayer! That made my night! Oh, and Cameron and Logan, my cousins, did a great job!
Brownwood Reunion!!! That is what we did all day Saturday! I got to see people that I haven't seen in a while and it was fun! I got to see the SEAL team tumble, which most of them that are now throwing fulls I started with in my pre-school class! It was so fun to see how much they had learned and how they were still enjoying it! Then I watched Jordan sing and dance on stage! Jackson got to meet Sydney and Jordan for the first time...I started taking care of Jordan when she was around 6 months old! Sydney held Jackson and Jordan bounced around and made him laugh! It brought tears to my eyes...and out of my eyes! We did go home for a nap mid day because we had the concert that night! We got to the concert and had our dinner.
This is the part of the blog that makes me said and where I'm going to ask for your prayers. We got a call about 9:30 last night that my MawMaw(my grandmother, my dads mom) passed away. She has been very sick and we knew that it was coming...but that doesn't make it any better. There are two major blessing is it all, one she went in her sleep and she had a wonderful day. The second, we know for a FACT that she is singing in heaven with the angels and saw that face of Jesus!!! We will know more about arrangements later this morning! Please pray for our family. Her sibling are taking it very hard! But also praise with us that she is in heaven!
Well, I think I have everyone caught up!!! And it's my new blog header so fun!!! LOVE IT! Thank you for your prayers and praise!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fun Filled Monday!

First of all, I have to inform everyone that I won! I won a makeover for my blog! I'm very excited to see what it will look like...and to share it with everyone! It will be done at before the end of the week so stay tuned!
We had a great adventure here in Belton this weekend. As you all know it has been raining in Texas for about the past 4 when Saturday got here and the rain was here to stay I was very disappointed. I had looked forward to going to the football game all week, but knew that I could not take Jackson out in the weather. So, my wonderful husband called dear friends of ours, Rod and Dana, and asked if they would like to keep Jackson. They said yes, and Rod, Dana, Caleb, and Daph all spoiled him rotten for the evening. I got to go to the game and I'm so glad I did! I enjoyed being there very much! Oh, and I got to have dinner with some of the coaches wives all by myself because Kyle (pop) keep Jackson! So it was a great evening for me...but I was very ready to go pick Jackson up after the game!!!!! OH! And we won!!! 35-6!!!! Go Tigers!!!!
Sunday was another day of rest! We went to church and then came home and relaxed for the rest of the day! Jackson and I enjoy our day with Peter! Daddy and Jackson worked on is not going to be long before Jackson is chasing Ella around the house. Not sure if I'm ready for that!
Today my mom came to see Jackson. We went to Harker and had lunch at Cheddars...salmon, salad, rice, and was so yummy! Then we did a little shopping; between Grancie and Nonnie I think Jackson is set for winter!!! (Although I'm sure we will find more that he just has to have!!!) He is going to be the cutest thing around! I now have to go through his clothes and pack up all the clothes that he can't wear anymore. We need room in the drawers and in the closet for all his new stuff! He also got a new high chair today. I decided on the space saver chair so that we didn't have a massive high chair in the dinning room. It is perfect.(anyone looking for a high chair right now, the one we got is clearances at Target!) After all our shopping was done we went and got yogurt at YoYo's! Now I'm very full and wondering if I'm going to be able to eat any dinner! I had a very good time with my mom and enjoyed the day!
Jackson is now snuggled up in bed taking a nap and I think I'm about to do some laundry and read! I will try to have some new pictures to post tomorrow...I know I have had two post without pictures!

What's for Dinner: Oven fried chicken, asparagus, mac n cheese, and rolls

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rainy Day!

Well, we are now under a flash flood warning! The apartment looks like its flooding...there is water everywhere! It looks like a river outside the porch! They are pumping water out of the holes around the trees. Ella has had enough of the rain. This morning she would not go to the bathroom in the grass, so I thought she would just come back in the!!!... I turn aroung and she is peeing on the neighbors GREEN welcome mat! YIKES! Not to worry, I got a towel and soaked it all up. It has been raining since yesterday, and I'm hoping that it will be done for a the game tomorrow! I'm so glad for all the rain, but really want to have a great game tomorrow!
Jackson and I went to have lunch with Peter today. Peter has had a very long week and we have not gotten to see him much. So I'm tyring to take advantage of every moment that I can! We are also going to go to dinner with him and some of the other coaches and their wives. He does get to come home for a few hours tomorrow, which is very exciting!!! I'm going to make a big breakfast for when he gets done with practice...I love have breakfast with my husband!
If any of you have time you will have to read the Sports section in the Temple paper today! It mentions Peter going to California this summer and all the work he has put into the summer lifting...and how much it has helped the team for the season! I'm so proud of him and how much work he has put into everything!!!! God has been so faithful to bless ALL of Peters hard work!
I'm so ready for the game! I heard a teacher say that she doesn't like Saturday games because football is suppose to be on Friday nights...I'm thinking that I agree! This season has been so much fun so far, hoping that it continues!
Looking forward to the weekend!

Whats for Dinner: Rosa's (I think)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Playing with the Camera

I have downloaded the software that came with the camera that edits the pictures. I'm still working on learning how to use it, but here are some that I have taken and edited so far! Thought they turned out pretty cute! Loving my camera! Enjoy!

Cleaning Day!

Today has been a day of cleaning! Clean clothes, clean bathrooms, and clean floors. I love the feeling of a clean house! James came by to pick something up and to tell us bye; he leaves for the Army again this weekend! We are looking forward to see him again around Christmas... if he gets leave!
Talked to my mom today. She went to the Doctor again this morning to have him check somethings that are still bothering her after her surgery to remove the cancer. The Doctor has advised for her to have another surgery at the end of this month. It will be a day surgery and she should be on her feet pretty quick! Please pray for her and the doctor if you have a chance!
I'm still trying to realize that today is Wednesday! It feels like Monday for some reason, although I'm not going to complain because we are closer to Sunday! And tonight is treat night!!! Gotta love Wednesdays!
Well, I hope everyone has had a wonderful day!!!

What's for Dinner: Parmesan Chicken, broccoli, and rolls

All snuggled up

Helping with the Laundry...very serious!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Home Again!

Hello all! Jackson and I have had many adventures since my last blog! Friday night was very exciting! We left for Roundrock to go to the game and on the way stopped for dinner at Freddy's. As we were sitting eating a storm rolled in; that is when the phones started going off! It was all the husbands saying that the game had been delayed, but we were going to play!!! So we finished our yummy food, had some custard, and then left for Target. We had to purchase some ponchos for the game! We found red ponchos...Go TIGERS! We finally got to the game about 8:30. The first quarter was underway and we were playing ball!!! The boys looked great and we had another win!!! There are no pictures because it rained on and off the whole game! Jackson stayed snuggled in the sling and slept the whole time! Fun Evening!
Saturday we had a very restful day at home. When daddy got off we had company! James was in town for a visit so we had burgers here at the house. James, Rod, Josh, and Jill came to visit! We ate our burgers, stuffed our faces with brownies and ice cream, and then went down to the pool. We had a wonderful visit full of laughter!
Sunday was a day of rest! Church, nap, and dinner! That is about all we did!
Monday Jackson and I went to San Antonio while Peter went to Dallas to go to the new stadium to scout a team that we will play in a couple of weeks! Peter said it was amazing...sad that I couldn't see it, but so excited for this opportunity for Peter! Hopefully, we will be playing there next year!!!! So Jackson and I met Terri and Amy for a day of yummy food and shopping! Jackson got some supper cute clothes from Carters!!!...such great prices!!!! Also, got to go out for a little while for a girls night...much needed! We left this morning and came back home to have lunch with Peter! The rest of the day has been very lazy...not feeling 100% so taking it easy!

What's for Dinner: Leftovers...poor Peter
Jackson and Layla (not sure how we are spelling
that puppies name!)
Ella(she climbed in the pillow case and
under the pillow)

Three men and a baby

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Friday! Well, yesterday was a fun filled day...well not all was fun! Jackson and I took the car to get the oil changed, tired rotated, and the inspection done! That is where it all began. The were changing the oil and brought in the air was bad!!! to be exact. So I had them replace that. Then they came back in and said that I needed 4 new tires! Oh my goodness!...I thought I had a little while longer to be putting some money back, but no! They were right; on all four tires were worn down to the wear bars. So glad that we hadn't lost the tread! So, I went to get a price on tires. Found a great place with great prices and very helpful service. It's not in the greatest part of town, but that is ok! So we now have 4 new fancy tires! Jackson was so great and thank goodness for Bonnie who took us and let me drop the car off. Then we waited at her house and I got a couple of scrap booking pages done while Jackson took a nap!
Well after all that excitement we headed to the football game! We watched JV white and they were so close to a win! It was so fun to different from last year! The confidence in Belton High School Football is growing and I'm praising the Lord! I'm loving this football season! We were getting ready for the next game and just as it started it began to rain. Thank God for the rain, but I was pretty bummed that we didn't get to watch the rest of the game. Jackson and I headed home where we got ready for bed and headed off to sleepy land!
So we are very excited about the game tonight! I can hardly wait!!! Not sure if I will be able to eat dinner...have a little bit of a nervous stomach! Please pray for every players safety and then for our confidence and pride in the team! Go Belton Tigers!
Off to get ready for the rest of the day! Everyone have a wonderful Friday afternoon and a safe holiday weekend!
What's for Dinner: Going out with the coaches wives! Oh, and the sour cream pork chops were bad...very bad!!!
Our "Little Champ"

Look how big he is!!!

I love that smile!

Making faces for the camera!

We are so blessed! I thank God everyday for the chance to stay home with Jackson!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Jackson and I have spent the day at home. He is not feeling well; he has had a fever on and off since yesterday evening. Poor baby just doesn't feel good. He has slept alot today, I'm hoping that will help him feel better tomorrow! So it has been a pretty slow day around here.
I tried attaching the pics of my scrap booking pages that I have completed, but when I would attach them they ended up sideways. I'm not sure why...but if anyone knows why they would be doing that please tell me!
I have finished paying bills, made a grocery list, done a little house work, and relaxed a bit myself. I was thinking about if I were working I would have had to take the day off today with Jackson running a fever...I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to just be home with him everyday. I praise God everyday for supplying for our needs! God is so good! And I love being a stay at home mom...the best thing in the world!
Found a couple of neat websites in my Baby Talk magazine. The first one is You set up your free account and then choose your favorite brands and clothing size. The site will search the web for you and tell you were the steals are! The other one is for all those organizers out there!!!...or those who would like to be organized, it is There is a memory keeper that I'm going to order to keep all of Jackson's photos in, they are super cute so that I can leave it out and it will look like decoration! Enjoy!
We are looking forward to the next couple of days of football. JV tomorrow night and Varsity on Friday! We will be going to Round Rock and playing at The is suppose to be one of the prettiest stadiums. Pretty Fancy! Praying for safe travel and safety for all the players! Hopefully another win for the Belton Tigers! Then on Monday Peter gets to go watch a football game in the new Dallas Stadium, I have to say that I'm pretty jealous! A little sad that he will be away for so long on Monday; but excited for him to get to go! Have to figure out something to do on Monday!
Off to begin dinner!

What's for Dinner- Sour Cream Pork Chops, rice, and veggies

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beginning of a new week!

Hello all!
Yesterday was a wonderful day! Jackson has this sleeping through the night thing down! And now he is sleeping until 6:30 every morning. So our new schedule is breakfast for Jackson, mommy walks and works out, Jackson naps, mommy does house work, then Jackson eats again...then it just depends on what the day holds. Yesterday and for the next three days I'm scrap booking during the afternoons with Bonnie. I got three pages done yesterday, forgot to get pics of those to show off so those will be coming shortly. I just ordered 75 more photos and have one more order to put in before I'm caught up with printing out pictures. Its going to be a while before I'm caught up with scrapping, but my plan is to scrap and make cards at least 2 afternoons a week! Got to get caught up from this summer so I can start of on the recent pictures! So much fun!!!
So after we were done scrapping I had to run to wal-mart which was a mad house!!!! I had some coupons that were expiring on diapers so I went ahead and bought two more packs...the never ending diaper purchasing!!!...when do we potty train! Just kidding!!! I also got more cereal and more formula!!! Jackson has been doing good on the formula, I tried the new one that is soy plus helps with spit-up...not sure if it is working...he is spitting up more! We will see...his tummy may just need to get use to it. If not we can go back to what we were using. I feel like it is trial and error, not something that I like to be trial and error since its Jackson's tummy that is having to go through all this! He is pretty tough though! He is also teething! There is drool every where and his little nose has started running! Please pray that he has an easy time with these little toothers!
Well, dinner was good last night if I do say so myself! It was also fun to make! There is a pic below, I thought that it looked neat so I decided to attach a picture! Once again I love Southern Living!!! The recipe is called Pronto-Stuffed Pasta Shells.
Going to go get ready for the day! Have to run by Academy because one of the shirts I got last week has a hole in it. Then off to scrap! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Happy Boy!

Pronto- Stuffed Pasta Shells

Messy Boy!