Monday, August 30, 2010

Go Bucks!

Football started this past week! We began on Thursday night. Jackson and I didn't make it to the JV white game, but when we got there for the JV green game the stands were full of people! The boys were already out on the field and kick off started at 7:00! They did awesome...they played like athletes and it was a great victory. After the game it was so fun to watch the parents come and congratulate the players but also the coaches! I was also informed at the end of the game that there were more people there that night than there every was for a Varsity game...WOW! Sad and exciting all at the same time!
I was so anxious on Friday...the day seemed to creep by. Finally, we got in the car to head to the game. We had to stop for some food in Abilene and then of course I would take the road the wrong way to get to the game. So after turning around and retracing my path we were on the way...I was so mad at myself for normally I am not one to get turned around! We pulled up right at 7:30, there was a HUGE line to get into the stands and all I keep thinking was that I could not hold Jackson and stand in this line. Thank goodness since we had passes we got to go on in! We get around to our side of the stands and there are no seats...well I say no seats...we did find seats but we were packed in like sardines! It was so fun! The game was close, tied at half, and then in the 3rd quarter Jim Ned was up 13-7. Man it was intense. 4th quarter hit and we had to score! Let me just tell you that this is when I became of the most seemed like the other team just hit a wall. They were turning the ball over, not moving quickly, and then there are our bucks playing just as hard if not harder and driving this team into the ground! Whoever wants to argue that conditioning does not go hand in hand with football...well they would lose that argument after watching this! WE WON!!!! 35- 13...I think that was the final score!
It was amazing and such a blessing to watch the fans and the players as they had just won there first game of the season! Those boys have worked so hard and have come so far...and they wanted it so bad! I know that this is just the beginning and we have so much more to go, but it just blesses my heart that God is faithful in the little things. As the boys and coaches came off the field they seemed to be in shock. Peter just kept saying that I can't believe we beat them by that much...haha it was great!
So another week has begun and this game should be just as interesting as last week. The coaches have spent many hours already getting ready for this game and now it is the boys turn to practice hard! Praying against any pride that would make them fall, but for confidence and great attitudes!
I have been baking most of the day. I made banana bread this morning, had 6 bananas going bad and had to do something with them! Breakfast for Friday morning is made. I also worked on cookies for a couple of cookie bouquets, planning on taking those to the admin office and high school office tomorrow. Gotta gets those out there for people to see and hoping for orders soon! I hate starting from the beginning with the cookie business, I had just gotten things rolling in Belton before we left, but hopefully it won't take to long!
Jackson's potty training is going better than expected. He is wearing underwear when at home and diapers when we go out. As soon as we are out of these diapers we will move on to pull-ups. He is still having a few accidents during the day, but I never thought we would be doing this well by Sept. I think by December he will be a pro, just in time to start buying diapers for Karis! He is a busy boy! Always going and doing! He has started wanting to help me when I'm in the kitchen, he stands on the step stool and is my spoon licker...he can sure get those spoons clean when they come out of the batter! He is my joy! I'm so blessed to get to stay home with him!
Football updates to come!

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