Friday, September 3, 2010

Game Day

It is game day! The Medlock home is ready! And I think the Buckaroos are ready! I'm tyring to do something to help with my anxiousness.
Ok, so I was going to give an overview of all the baking that I have done this week. Which, by the way, I have soooo enjoyed every moment of it...well except when I forgot to put the eggs in the cookie dough! But here goes...Monday was banana bread and sugar cookies, Wednesday was 2 batches of sugar cookies, Thursday was apple crisp, and then today I have made a banana pudding and chocolate chip cookies! The banana pudding was new, I have never made homemade pudding before...well with my moms help...but so far it looks good. I still have to put it all together. I'm waiting for the bowl to get frosty in the freezer to I can whip up the whipping cream! Oh, I can't wait to stuff this in my mouth!!!! I hope everyone enjoys it tonight as much as I am. (oh, I don't know if I mentioned but after the game we are having a coaches dinner. From now on at home games we will do a meal after the game so that we can visit and see our husbands. Should be lots of fun!)
Jackson is napping for the second time today. I thought yesterday that maybe he was ready to lose 2 naps and move to 1, but I was very very wrong! He was a mess and only because he was so tired! He just needs his rest...guess he takes after his momma in that area. So, he is back to two naps and hopefully will wake up ready to go!
Well, I guess I am now boring you! So I will post on the game tomorrow!!!

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