Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lazy Day

I slept like a rock last night...only to wake up feeling like I hadn't slept at all. I hate that feeling. Jackson woke me about 7:40, he was knocking on his door. I love it! He gets up and out of bed and lightly knocks on his door until someone comes and lets him out. Then he walks down the hall yelling for Ella, goes potty, and then goes to the fridge for his milk. He wakes up in the best mood...no matter how I feel he makes me smile. So this morning when I wish I could have climbed back in bed, instead I got to snuggle in "the chair" and watch Imagination Movers with my buddy. It really doesn't get much better than that...well maybe Peter joining us BUT we would have to buy a bigger chair!
We have had a pretty lazy day. I needed to clean the bathrooms and mop the floors but I never made it to that. I did get the cookie bouquets delivered and the lasagna made to go in the oven for dinner. Let me just tell you that Peter is very excited to have Italian again! Well, actually he isn't. But I can't help it...that is all I want when I'm pregnant! I could eat Italian everyday, but for some reason Peter is sick of it! The other thing that I eat everyday- cereal! I'm consuming more milk right now than I think I ever have. I have 2-3 cups at breakfast and then a bowl of cereal and then sometimes before I go to bed I will have some more milk! Nuts!!!! That is what it is because normally I don't care for milk out of a glass...unless I'm having a big breakfast then I will drink some. Obviously, Karis needs calcium!
Anyway, I'm now sitting in the chair with my feet up watching this new show I have found called, Rachel Zoe. Yes, I'm being lazy and a part of me is feeling so guilty but the other part of me can't make myself get up and do something. So I continue to sit!
I was going to report that Peter said the boys are doing well with what was introduced yesterday. There is more to learn today so hopefully they will catch on quickly! Friday will be here before we know it!
Tomorrow Jackson and I will be in Abilene. I have PT for the first time in several weeks. I'm a little concerned with what she is going to say, but over all I have been feeling good. As long as I'm exercising and doing my stretches! So until another post...

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