Monday, January 18, 2010

please pray for our Jackson


I want to post really quick tonight to let everyone know of a prayer request. Today was Jackson's 9 month Dr. visit; first of all I can not believe that he is 9 months! Everything as far as Jacksons health was wonderful. He is the 50% in his weight and height. He weighed 20 lbs and 9oz and he is 281/4 in tall. He is a big healthy boy! He has a cold right now, but nothing to worry about! She said that it should be gone with in the next couple of days. The last thing that we had here look at was his middle toe on his left foot. About a week and a half ago after his bath I noticed that it was split all the way around and was very swollen. I thought that it was dry skin and that we just needed to keep it clean and doctored. When mom came last week she commented that to her it looked like a hair got wrapped around his toe. We kept doctoring it and covering thinking that it would get better, and it did to an extent. But anytime we would go just a little while with out medicine it would get really red and swell back up.
So Dr. Riser looked at it and was concerned. She called a foot and ankle specialist and we immediately went to see him. He looked at his toe and tried to look in the crack, but he told us it was like a trench that there is a hole all the way around but the other skin is swollen up around it. So he cant see anything, but is worried that there is still something wrapped around his toe. The other thing that it can be is a genetic disorder where your skin forms a band (like a rubber band) around the toe, or where ever on the body. So this is where we are at. If the antibiotics start to help and keep the toe the way it is then we will go back in next week for him to look at it and make a plan for them to go in and cut whatever is wrapped around his toe, he would have to be put under. The other thing is if it gets worse at anytime during the next week we will immediately take him in and they will do the procedure. The last thing that I asked about was what if it got better with the meds. He said that if that happens then we will just continue to keep an eye on it, Jackson would go in regularly to see the Dr. and probably means that it is the genetic disorder. He would not want to do surgery until his is older if that is the case, if he has the genetic disorder.
So with that being said, we ask for you to pray. We ask that you pray that Jackson's toe doesn't get any worse, so there is nothing that has to be done in an Emergency state. Please pray that if there is something there that it doesn't keep digging into his toe, but it stays where it is. Also, pray that if whatever was/is wrapped around his toe, if that has come off at any point that these meds heal his toe and that nothing further would need to be done!
We are at peace with the Dr. decision and we are patiently waiting to see him next week. I will keep everyone updated!
Thank you!

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