Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hello. Isn't this weather amazing...actually its a little chilly. I had planned for us to go to the park this morning, but hoping now for this afternoon. The wind is just cold! Jackson keeps going to the door, opening it and saying, "wow cold outside"! So we are in for the present time. We had oatmeal, drew pictures, did a little work on recognizing the letters of his name and the order they go in (yes put my preschool hat on this morning:) ), drank hot chocolate in the floor, visited with baby Elex, and now Jackson is watching Max and Ruby on his phone for a couple of minutes. It has been a good morning. I have chosen not to do anything to the house, so as I sit here and type the kitchen looks like a tornado hit, BUT I really don't care right now. I have had a great morning with my buddy and that is what it important.
Football update! We are going to the playoffs!!!!!! Yes, after all the struggles of this season, we have made it to the playoffs and we are so thankful. We have a off week this Friday, so no football game. So we will start up again next Friday playing Eastland, it is suppose to be a great game! If we win we will be tied for 1st in district. If we lose we will be 3rd. Yes, it is confusing and if I try to explain I will confuse all of us even more...bottom line everyone has been beat once except Eastland, so if we beat them we ALL three tie for first! Then off to play Dublin and then playoffs begin. Will keep everyone posted! Please pray for health and safety for our coaches and players.
Gymnastics is going wonderful. I am so blessed to have this time to love on these other children and get to teach them! My kinder class is filled with 9, 5 year old girls and I just love it! They are amazing girls and they make me smile the entire class. And they are GOOD at gymnastics! The best thing though...to hear them pray! They bless my heart every week as they argue over who is going to pray. I have had to start letting them pray 3 at a time per week. This week one of my sweet girls ended her prayer like this "and God we just...love you!" Amazing! And this is why I do what I do! In all the years I have coached I have never been able to end my classes in prayer or a brief conversation about God and things about Him. I feel truly blessed for this opportunity and will not take it for granted!
Peter's 26th birthday was Friday and we had a great time celebrating. Friday at the pep-rally some of his boys got him good! They told the cheer sponsor that it was his birthday, so at the end they announced it and then the whole high school proceeded to sing "Happy Birthday"! Peter turn so red and just stood there with the biggest smile of his face. Later I found out that some of the students commented that they saw Coach Medlock's teeth for the first time...haha! Peter and I had the chance to spend some time just the two of us. We went to the UT game; his parents got us both tickets for his birthday! I figured out that I'm not a good "fan". I have never heard more people that are so negative and think they know everything! But over all it was so fun and it was fun to sit in the stands with Peter...I learned so much I might be able to call offense soon! HAHA! Peter would beg to differ with that! After the game we went and ate at Salt Grass and then drove to Temple and stayed the night. We got up the next morning and went to TBC, had lunch with friends, and then headed back home:) Very blessed weekend!
What's on my mind:
We are called to live in the World but not be of it. Not be friends with it but be set apart. And to be treated differently because of it. I have never had an easy time making friends and that is totally fine with me, it's just as an adult I thought that having close friends would come much easier. I was wrong and I have been struggling with that over the last few days. Going back to Temple and seeing what I left made me miss it. I miss my church family, I miss my friends, and I miss worshiping! I know that I can worship here...I can worship anywhere! But I took what I had in Temple for granted. My heart is to sing and worship (can't wait to get to heaven!). My heart is also to be with other believers and pray over the ones I love! As my heart longs for that I also realize that I'm in a different season of life. That God is teaching me things right where I'm at and He is teaching me through the people around me! With that being said, I'm excited to start a new bible study tomorrow with 2 other mom with my same desire. I pray that this will be a blessing for all of us and we can come together and encourage one another through this walk in a world where we are suppose to be strangers.
Be Faithful! I am determined to be faithful through this time of change and of some what discomfort.
Live on Purpose today!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


We finally have Internet in our home...how long has it taken!?! Just a little over a year. Why, do you ask. Well, I'm not sure. I really didn't want to pay for it because I didn't think we would use it much. But I'm so glad we or I finally gave in and got it all hooked up!

Life is crazy right now, for it is football season. We have daddy withdrawals daily, but know that he is doing what he is suppose to be doing. We won our game on Friday night. We are now 3-3, 1-1 in district. Honestly, its been a crazy football season already this year. We play in Clifton this week and hoping for a V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

Karis and Jackson are growing like crazy right now. If I had food in front of them 24/7 they would eat it all! I swear Jackson has probably grown 2 in. in the last month. I have to clean out his closet and start getting him some fall clothes. Thank goodness for Nonnie and Grancie that have each gotten him a pair of jeans, they are the only jeans that fit right now!

What is on my mind: Many of you know, just from talking to me, that a friend of mine lost her baby about 2 months ago. Piper was full term and 2 days from her due date when they found she had passed in her mommy's tummy. I received a text at 4:20 am and felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. I really have no idea how to explain how this has effected my life, my heart, my every thought. It has made me question what it truly important in my life and longed for my Jesus to come and take us all into heaven. Piper's death has happened for a reason, and her mommy and daddy know that and are reaching many through this experience. I have 2 beautiful children sleeping in their beds right now. I have 2. Julie has one in their bed and one in heaven. Why? I still ask this question and I have since July 27th. Why did sweet piper live such a short life...and you know what her mommy tells me, because that is what God had planned. Do you truly trust his plan? I do now, after all the mixed emotions, the questions, the fear, and sadness. I trust that God has a huge plan for me, but also for my children. And I'm NOT in control of that plan. This is hard for me, for I like control, but also so assuring. So with that said I pray that I make the most of my days, but also that I am remembered for knowing, trusting, and serving my Mighty Father. For that is my plan. I want my kids to know that I loved Him and loved others.