Monday, September 28, 2009


Jackson is now 15lbs and 12 oz. He has gained 4 lbs in a matter of about 5 weeks! I believe the Dr. was right and he needed that formula! He is a big boy. As soon as he wakes up from his nap I will measure him. I know that he has grown at least 2 more inches!
Jackson got a johnny jump up for our house today. He has one at Nonnie and Pop's house, so he already knows how to use now he will be a real pro with getting to practice everyday! Something to keep him moving...the child does not like to sit still. Lately he has either wanted to be in his excer-saucer or on the floor; every once in a while he will sit in his bumbo or in his rocking chair...but he wants nothing to do with the very expensive swing that is sitting in our living room! He can't move himself in the swing! So that is why I went ahead and get the johnny jump up so that he would have something else that he can do! He is a very busy boy!
Please remember to pray for my mom tomorrow. She is having surgery at 8:00 and the plan is that she will be home on Wednesday morning. Jackson and I are leaving early Wednesday morning to go help take care of her!
Off to make Peter some muffins with my new food processor!!!! If you don't have a food processor and love to cook it is totally worth the investment!!!

What's for dinner: Lasagna, broccoli, and rolls

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