Sunday, September 20, 2009

Catching Up!

This my be my longest blog yet! Our Internet has been down at home because of some communication problems with AT&T. But there has been a lot going on in the past week.
Tuesday Jackson and I went to Miller Heights to visit. That morning I made chocolate chip cookies for the teachers and then went to see everyone. It was so good to be back and see everyone's smiling faces! Jackson got lots of love and left his mark on a couple of friends that held him! (I promise I will catch up on pictures, the Internet here is to slow to download). After that we left and took daddy some cookies up to work for a snack before football.
Wednesday was a day of resting and staying home! Jackson and I played a lot and he slept a lot too! Thursday we went and had lunch with Peter before we left to go to Brownwood. We had a very long trip because I didn't have Ella's medicine and she was a nervous wreck the whole way here. Ella has problems with anxiety and so we normally give her a pill to relax when we get in the car to go on long trips. Without it she about pees on herself when she sees an eighteen wheeler, if the windshield wipers come on, or if there is any type of sudden movement...lets just say it makes for a long ride! So I was very happy to finally pull up in the drive of my mom and dads and let her out to be a country dog! Thursday night my dad grilled trout!!!! YUMMY! I finally got to eat my $9 trout and it was the best fish I have ever eaten. My mom also made me a Mama Houges Chocolate Cake...which if you like chocolate cake you would love this! It is chocolate cake with fudge icing...and it is the best chocolate cake I have ever had!!! I have had a lot of chocolate cake...and I'm not just saying this because my mom made it!!!
Friday we went and spent the day with Grancie and Pops. Jackson and Pop both took a very long nap, so Grancie and I looked at old pictures! It was very fun...I love to look at pictures! Once Jackson got up we were pretty sure we were dying of hunger so we went to the train for fried pickles, soup, and a sandwich! After lunch we dropped Jackson off to play with Pop and took little Layla (Amy's puppy) to the vet. Then we went to Wal-Mart and got stuff to start decorating for the fall! I LOVE FALL and it is one of my favorite things to decorate for...second to Christmas! We are hoping for a Thanksgiving in Belton, because that would mean we were still playing football!!!! Nothing like a great game of football the Saturday after Thanksgiving!!!!
Speaking of football...that was our next adventure! We went to Star to watch a little 6 man football. It was a lot of fun and very different than my normal Friday night football experiences! It is tiny...everything...the stands, the team, the press box(that actually just looks like a box), the fans! Although, there fans could have beat Belton Tigers fans in a sprint contest. It was so fun...I can honestly say that I haven't had that much fun at a game since Peter played college ball! Our fans need to take a little lesson from the Victory Life Fans and Cheer and support no matter what it going on down on the field!!!!! Victory didn't end up winning, but they played hard and THE coolest thing was that they prayed with the team after the game was over!!! A public school team!!!! and they all circled up and one the players prayed the most incredible prayer! That made my night! Oh, and Cameron and Logan, my cousins, did a great job!
Brownwood Reunion!!! That is what we did all day Saturday! I got to see people that I haven't seen in a while and it was fun! I got to see the SEAL team tumble, which most of them that are now throwing fulls I started with in my pre-school class! It was so fun to see how much they had learned and how they were still enjoying it! Then I watched Jordan sing and dance on stage! Jackson got to meet Sydney and Jordan for the first time...I started taking care of Jordan when she was around 6 months old! Sydney held Jackson and Jordan bounced around and made him laugh! It brought tears to my eyes...and out of my eyes! We did go home for a nap mid day because we had the concert that night! We got to the concert and had our dinner.
This is the part of the blog that makes me said and where I'm going to ask for your prayers. We got a call about 9:30 last night that my MawMaw(my grandmother, my dads mom) passed away. She has been very sick and we knew that it was coming...but that doesn't make it any better. There are two major blessing is it all, one she went in her sleep and she had a wonderful day. The second, we know for a FACT that she is singing in heaven with the angels and saw that face of Jesus!!! We will know more about arrangements later this morning! Please pray for our family. Her sibling are taking it very hard! But also praise with us that she is in heaven!
Well, I think I have everyone caught up!!! And it's my new blog header so fun!!! LOVE IT! Thank you for your prayers and praise!

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