Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Friday! Well, yesterday was a fun filled day...well not all was fun! Jackson and I took the car to get the oil changed, tired rotated, and the inspection done! That is where it all began. The were changing the oil and brought in the air was bad!!! to be exact. So I had them replace that. Then they came back in and said that I needed 4 new tires! Oh my goodness!...I thought I had a little while longer to be putting some money back, but no! They were right; on all four tires were worn down to the wear bars. So glad that we hadn't lost the tread! So, I went to get a price on tires. Found a great place with great prices and very helpful service. It's not in the greatest part of town, but that is ok! So we now have 4 new fancy tires! Jackson was so great and thank goodness for Bonnie who took us and let me drop the car off. Then we waited at her house and I got a couple of scrap booking pages done while Jackson took a nap!
Well after all that excitement we headed to the football game! We watched JV white and they were so close to a win! It was so fun to different from last year! The confidence in Belton High School Football is growing and I'm praising the Lord! I'm loving this football season! We were getting ready for the next game and just as it started it began to rain. Thank God for the rain, but I was pretty bummed that we didn't get to watch the rest of the game. Jackson and I headed home where we got ready for bed and headed off to sleepy land!
So we are very excited about the game tonight! I can hardly wait!!! Not sure if I will be able to eat dinner...have a little bit of a nervous stomach! Please pray for every players safety and then for our confidence and pride in the team! Go Belton Tigers!
Off to get ready for the rest of the day! Everyone have a wonderful Friday afternoon and a safe holiday weekend!
What's for Dinner: Going out with the coaches wives! Oh, and the sour cream pork chops were bad...very bad!!!
Our "Little Champ"

Look how big he is!!!

I love that smile!

Making faces for the camera!

We are so blessed! I thank God everyday for the chance to stay home with Jackson!

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