Monday, September 14, 2009

Fun Filled Monday!

First of all, I have to inform everyone that I won! I won a makeover for my blog! I'm very excited to see what it will look like...and to share it with everyone! It will be done at before the end of the week so stay tuned!
We had a great adventure here in Belton this weekend. As you all know it has been raining in Texas for about the past 4 when Saturday got here and the rain was here to stay I was very disappointed. I had looked forward to going to the football game all week, but knew that I could not take Jackson out in the weather. So, my wonderful husband called dear friends of ours, Rod and Dana, and asked if they would like to keep Jackson. They said yes, and Rod, Dana, Caleb, and Daph all spoiled him rotten for the evening. I got to go to the game and I'm so glad I did! I enjoyed being there very much! Oh, and I got to have dinner with some of the coaches wives all by myself because Kyle (pop) keep Jackson! So it was a great evening for me...but I was very ready to go pick Jackson up after the game!!!!! OH! And we won!!! 35-6!!!! Go Tigers!!!!
Sunday was another day of rest! We went to church and then came home and relaxed for the rest of the day! Jackson and I enjoy our day with Peter! Daddy and Jackson worked on is not going to be long before Jackson is chasing Ella around the house. Not sure if I'm ready for that!
Today my mom came to see Jackson. We went to Harker and had lunch at Cheddars...salmon, salad, rice, and was so yummy! Then we did a little shopping; between Grancie and Nonnie I think Jackson is set for winter!!! (Although I'm sure we will find more that he just has to have!!!) He is going to be the cutest thing around! I now have to go through his clothes and pack up all the clothes that he can't wear anymore. We need room in the drawers and in the closet for all his new stuff! He also got a new high chair today. I decided on the space saver chair so that we didn't have a massive high chair in the dinning room. It is perfect.(anyone looking for a high chair right now, the one we got is clearances at Target!) After all our shopping was done we went and got yogurt at YoYo's! Now I'm very full and wondering if I'm going to be able to eat any dinner! I had a very good time with my mom and enjoyed the day!
Jackson is now snuggled up in bed taking a nap and I think I'm about to do some laundry and read! I will try to have some new pictures to post tomorrow...I know I have had two post without pictures!

What's for Dinner: Oven fried chicken, asparagus, mac n cheese, and rolls

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