Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Night Football

Here we are again...another Friday. I had a lot planned for today and was looking forward to getting so much accomplished... but it has not worked. I was planning on taking Peter lunch, going to the bank, going by wal-mart, going to target, and then maybe by academy. Well, I go by to get Peter something for lunch and it was a complete disaster! The guy that worked there took a hour to make a sandwich!!!! A HOUR! I'm not lying...I got to hear his whole life story (which was not good!) Have you ever had a conversation with someone and never said anything in return...not sure if you would even call it a conversation. I didn't know what to do or say...I'm not good in these situations because I don't want to hurt their feelings! So I sat there for an hour...I really only had 15 mins to wait for Peters sandwich so to say the least it was late! And then on top of all that it was cold and mine was not good! DISASTER!!!
So that has thrown my whole day off! I did not get to have lunch with Peter nor did he get to hold Jackson, I did not get to feed Jackson while I was there so then I had to come back home. Now poor Jackson is wiped out so he is napping, so this means no walmart, no target, no academy...I HAVE to make it by bank before dinner! Oh well, I guess I will try again tomorrow!
Tonight is our 4th football game of the season and our first district game. Hoping for another win! Praying for safty for both teams! And that once again we play with confidence and a little tiger pride! GO TIGERS!

Me with my cousins Camerson and Logan

Jackson eating a biter biscuit...its stuck to his tummy!

All done! Messy Messy!

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