Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beginning of a new week!

Hello all!
Yesterday was a wonderful day! Jackson has this sleeping through the night thing down! And now he is sleeping until 6:30 every morning. So our new schedule is breakfast for Jackson, mommy walks and works out, Jackson naps, mommy does house work, then Jackson eats again...then it just depends on what the day holds. Yesterday and for the next three days I'm scrap booking during the afternoons with Bonnie. I got three pages done yesterday, forgot to get pics of those to show off so those will be coming shortly. I just ordered 75 more photos and have one more order to put in before I'm caught up with printing out pictures. Its going to be a while before I'm caught up with scrapping, but my plan is to scrap and make cards at least 2 afternoons a week! Got to get caught up from this summer so I can start of on the recent pictures! So much fun!!!
So after we were done scrapping I had to run to wal-mart which was a mad house!!!! I had some coupons that were expiring on diapers so I went ahead and bought two more packs...the never ending diaper purchasing!!!...when do we potty train! Just kidding!!! I also got more cereal and more formula!!! Jackson has been doing good on the formula, I tried the new one that is soy plus helps with spit-up...not sure if it is working...he is spitting up more! We will see...his tummy may just need to get use to it. If not we can go back to what we were using. I feel like it is trial and error, not something that I like to be trial and error since its Jackson's tummy that is having to go through all this! He is pretty tough though! He is also teething! There is drool every where and his little nose has started running! Please pray that he has an easy time with these little toothers!
Well, dinner was good last night if I do say so myself! It was also fun to make! There is a pic below, I thought that it looked neat so I decided to attach a picture! Once again I love Southern Living!!! The recipe is called Pronto-Stuffed Pasta Shells.
Going to go get ready for the day! Have to run by Academy because one of the shirts I got last week has a hole in it. Then off to scrap! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Happy Boy!

Pronto- Stuffed Pasta Shells

Messy Boy!

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  1. He is seriously the cutest baby I have ever seen!!