Friday, September 11, 2009

Rainy Day!

Well, we are now under a flash flood warning! The apartment looks like its flooding...there is water everywhere! It looks like a river outside the porch! They are pumping water out of the holes around the trees. Ella has had enough of the rain. This morning she would not go to the bathroom in the grass, so I thought she would just come back in the!!!... I turn aroung and she is peeing on the neighbors GREEN welcome mat! YIKES! Not to worry, I got a towel and soaked it all up. It has been raining since yesterday, and I'm hoping that it will be done for a the game tomorrow! I'm so glad for all the rain, but really want to have a great game tomorrow!
Jackson and I went to have lunch with Peter today. Peter has had a very long week and we have not gotten to see him much. So I'm tyring to take advantage of every moment that I can! We are also going to go to dinner with him and some of the other coaches and their wives. He does get to come home for a few hours tomorrow, which is very exciting!!! I'm going to make a big breakfast for when he gets done with practice...I love have breakfast with my husband!
If any of you have time you will have to read the Sports section in the Temple paper today! It mentions Peter going to California this summer and all the work he has put into the summer lifting...and how much it has helped the team for the season! I'm so proud of him and how much work he has put into everything!!!! God has been so faithful to bless ALL of Peters hard work!
I'm so ready for the game! I heard a teacher say that she doesn't like Saturday games because football is suppose to be on Friday nights...I'm thinking that I agree! This season has been so much fun so far, hoping that it continues!
Looking forward to the weekend!

Whats for Dinner: Rosa's (I think)

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