Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Jackson and I have spent the day at home. He is not feeling well; he has had a fever on and off since yesterday evening. Poor baby just doesn't feel good. He has slept alot today, I'm hoping that will help him feel better tomorrow! So it has been a pretty slow day around here.
I tried attaching the pics of my scrap booking pages that I have completed, but when I would attach them they ended up sideways. I'm not sure why...but if anyone knows why they would be doing that please tell me!
I have finished paying bills, made a grocery list, done a little house work, and relaxed a bit myself. I was thinking about if I were working I would have had to take the day off today with Jackson running a fever...I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to just be home with him everyday. I praise God everyday for supplying for our needs! God is so good! And I love being a stay at home mom...the best thing in the world!
Found a couple of neat websites in my Baby Talk magazine. The first one is You set up your free account and then choose your favorite brands and clothing size. The site will search the web for you and tell you were the steals are! The other one is for all those organizers out there!!!...or those who would like to be organized, it is There is a memory keeper that I'm going to order to keep all of Jackson's photos in, they are super cute so that I can leave it out and it will look like decoration! Enjoy!
We are looking forward to the next couple of days of football. JV tomorrow night and Varsity on Friday! We will be going to Round Rock and playing at The is suppose to be one of the prettiest stadiums. Pretty Fancy! Praying for safe travel and safety for all the players! Hopefully another win for the Belton Tigers! Then on Monday Peter gets to go watch a football game in the new Dallas Stadium, I have to say that I'm pretty jealous! A little sad that he will be away for so long on Monday; but excited for him to get to go! Have to figure out something to do on Monday!
Off to begin dinner!

What's for Dinner- Sour Cream Pork Chops, rice, and veggies

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