Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cleaning Day!

Today has been a day of cleaning! Clean clothes, clean bathrooms, and clean floors. I love the feeling of a clean house! James came by to pick something up and to tell us bye; he leaves for the Army again this weekend! We are looking forward to see him again around Christmas... if he gets leave!
Talked to my mom today. She went to the Doctor again this morning to have him check somethings that are still bothering her after her surgery to remove the cancer. The Doctor has advised for her to have another surgery at the end of this month. It will be a day surgery and she should be on her feet pretty quick! Please pray for her and the doctor if you have a chance!
I'm still trying to realize that today is Wednesday! It feels like Monday for some reason, although I'm not going to complain because we are closer to Sunday! And tonight is treat night!!! Gotta love Wednesdays!
Well, I hope everyone has had a wonderful day!!!

What's for Dinner: Parmesan Chicken, broccoli, and rolls

All snuggled up

Helping with the Laundry...very serious!


  1. I love the little laundry helper! I'll say a prayer for your Mom.

  2. seriously.... how cute is he!!!