Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fun Weekend

Family Pic

Mer and Jackson

We have had a great weekend! Meredith came and we had a wonderful visit! We stayed home all day yesterday and just got to talk and laugh! It was nice to have someone here while Peter put in a 13 hour day at the field house!

This morning we got up and I made a new breakfast casserole. It was very good and very easy...I love Southern Living! We went to church, which was packed! The 3rd service needs to start soon! There are not enough seats for everyone to sit in...which is a good problem to have! The message was very good, it was all about forgiveness! After church we went and had lunch at BJ's. Meredith and I split a pizza, and then of course had dessert! It was very good and I wont need to eat for the rest of the day. We are now relaxing at home. Peter and Jackson are asleep and Meredith is on the road.

Enjoying my day with Peter being home! Another week starts tomorrow!

What's For Dinner: Leftovers!

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  1. We went to BJ's and got their "party for two" special, yummy!