Tuesday, October 27, 2009


First I need to apologize for not posting for the past week! I really don't have a good excuse other that just haven't gotten to it. So I will try to catch up!
This first pick is for Grancie, she wanted to see the entrance to the apartment after all the decorations were up! It turned out super cute, although I'm going to have to get some new mums by the time Thanksgiving gets here. But those mums were from my MawMaw's funeral and so it will be hard to get rid of those.
The rest of the pictures are of Peter's surprise party! It was so much fun and Peter didn't have a clue what was going on! When we pulled up in the parking lot Peter saw Josh's truck...and all I keep thinking was, shoot I didn't think about this! So I played dumb! Peter said, "oh look Josh's truck"...I didn't reply. Then all the sudden I acted shocked and said oh right beside us! Peter came to the conclusion that Josh was having dinner and that he was going to call when he was done to come by and see Jackson...I went along with whatever he said! Peter knew that we were meeting Sharon and Jarrod for dinner and so I just told him they had already gotten a table. We walked into the back of the restaurant and Peter was completely shocked! He had no idea that I had been planning this (although I planned it on Friday!) and it was the greatest thing ever!

All together there were 20 of us. We all enjoyed dinner and visiting with each other! Peter sat in the middle so that he could visit with everyone.

This is Sharon and Jarrod. Sharon helped me get everything together for that night! Jackson loves Sharon...which so do I!...she helps me so much at the games! And encourages me when I'm having a hard day at being a coaches wife!

Peter did get a dessert. I don't know how to spell this thing, but it is a cookie that they bake and serve straight out of the oven! Peter did share with me...it is my favorite dessert...that I can get at a restaurant!

Jonathon and Bridget got to come be apart of the surprise. I don't remember if it was right before and right after the picture but...I promised them that Jackson would spit up because he had sweet potatoes and applesauce. Wellll...he did spit up! but it just got on his bib...oops!

This was one table...Sharon, Jarrod, Stephanie, Seth, Bridget, and Jonathon

Here was the other table...Jill, Josh, Rod, Dana, Daph, Caleb, Camden, Carson, Steph, and Lance...Rodney and Claire were also sitting there but that had to head out early!
We had a great time and I'm so thankful that we have so many friends that love and care for us!
Since then nothing earth shattering has happened. I did go to Brownwood for a quick visit, we won our football game on Friday night, and we have started a new week! Oh, I have started a new workout! It is called Crossfit...it is awesome and just my kind of workout. I can hardly sit down with out yelping, but it is worth it! Lovin it!
The next three days are filled with cookies and football. I have 2 bouquets and 30 cookies to make with a JV game tomorrow night and Varsity Thursday!! It is the TEMPLE BELTON game and it is a HUGE GAME! It will be on ESPNU if you would like to watch! Can't wait! Hopefully walking away 8-1!!!

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