Saturday, October 3, 2009

Home Again Home Again

Well, we are home again! It was a long drive home...Jackson did not enjoy the drive today and he let me know about it!
Mom is doing much better today. She had a hard day yesterday, but I think the worst is behind her. Her progress over the next 2 days will determine if I will go back and help. Please continue to pray for a quick recovery!
Jackson and I are waiting for Daddy to get home! We are trying to be patient, but we are having a hard time! Oh my goodness, when Jackson and I got in the house there was a stink that about knocked me down! I could not figure out what was going on since I had taken the trash out before I left. So I searched the house for something dead but could find nothing. I finally went over to the trash lifted the lid and put it back on as quick as I could! I'm not sure what was in there and I did not take the time to see what it could have been. I just took it out as fast as I could! Man it was BAD!!!!
Looking forward to a family day tomorrow! Breakfast, a wonderful church service, lunch with Tori and Colin, and then a afternoon at home! Sundays are the BEST day of the week! Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

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