Wednesday, October 7, 2009

J is for Jackson

I'm happy to announce that I have Jackson's announcements complete! I took pictures yesterday morning (the two pics below are two that I didn't use), had those developed today, and will have everything ready to mail this evening! They turned out very cute, and I couldn't be happier with
them! The letters that I used in the pictures are the letters that Stephanie made for Jackson's room. As you can see I have not gotten those on the wall. There are no holes in the back so I
think I'm going toglue rope to them and hang them that way. Haven't quite decided, but if you have any suggestions I'm open for anything!
Jackson is in love with sweet potatoes!!! I made them on Monday and he had them for the first time yesterday. I'm afraid we are going to have a orange child if I'm not careful! And I'm not sure if I will ever get him to eat peas again since he has discovered something so much better! He is still teething...if those silly things would just come in! He is miserable. At least the last couple of days he has not been running fever. But he wants his passy a lot...which is different because normally he only wants it to sleep. I have to say though, I still get lots of smiles!!! I don't know what my day would be without Jackson smiles!
I started a new bible study called The Coach's Wife. It is very good and much needed. A coach's wife wrote it and in the study are lots of comments from other coach's wives. It is nice to know that I'm not the only one getting frustrated at things! I'm really working on the "time" issue, trying to realize that my complaining and pouting is not going to make it change! Make the best of every moment, that is what God has been reminding me! It has worked, the Lord has really blessed the time that Peter is home and we have a great time! It is so amazing what happens when you marry your best friend! Peter and I have stayed up way to late talking and laughing the last two night...but I'm so glad that I have a husband that enjoys my company and I enjoy his! Once again my heart is overflowing with joy...and standing in awe of the blessing of the Lord!
Well, off to fold laundry and to get those announcements ready for the mail!
What's for Dinner: Ranch Chicken, new potatoes, broccoli

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  1. It is so great to be best friends with your hubby. We are like that too and end up staying up way too late many nights talking and laughing. I look forward to that part of our day.

    Looks like Jackson likes his J!