Sunday, October 18, 2009

6 months!

Thought that it would be fun to look at two picture that are about 6 months apart! He is so beautiful!
It has been a while since I have posted...haven't really sat down long enough to get on the computer. We have had a wonderful week! Jackson cut his first tooth on Tuesday. He cut the bottom right tooth and the left one is working its way out! Poor baby, he has been a little fussy and spitting up like crazy!

Wednesday was Peter's birthday. Of course the day went on as normal even though it was a special day...I think people should get off for their birthday!!!...but not sure what I can do about that! Jackson and I took him sonic on his break and then we went for a treat when he got home!

Thursday I had 2 cookie bouquets to make. They turned out super cute. I had one homecoming and one baby boy! The baby boy was my favorite; I made it with blue and brown icing! That evening I went and had dinner with Keegan at Fish City Grill. I had fish tacos and they were very good! Then Jackson and I went to the JV game. I was very glad that we made it to the game because it was a very good game!

Friday of course was Football!!! Before the game we went and had burgers at Five Guys...YUMMY! Then we headed to Cove! The boys played well even though we came up short! The final score was 0-10.

Saturday Peter had a busy day tyring to get ready for next weeks football game. Jackson and I rested at home during the morning and then got ready to go to Paige and Nathans Wedding. I now know why God did not create women to be single and raise children! Getting ready and driving to Brenham went wonderful...during the wedding he did well. We did have to get up toward the end and walk around. The reception is where it got tricky! I was starving...but so was Jackson. I got him settled in his stroller and got out his green beans and applesauce. I got him feed but could not leave him and go get food. I thought about pushing the stroller over, but there were so many people that I would have ran someone over! It looked so good...shrimp, lettuce, and tomato on yummy bread. We sat there a little while...I met another stay at home mom that has a 5 month old daughter. So we talked mommy talk which keep my mind off the food sitting behind me! Then, Paiges dad came over the mic and blessed the food...I thought he was blessing the sandwiches! BUT then I saw the plates that people were bring back! Oh my!!!! There was chicken with honey mustard, pork loin, salad, corn salad, potatoes, and rolls...ok you all know that I love food. I was sitting there thinking about what I was going to do and then it hit me! Jacksons sling was in the car so off I went to get it. I thought I can just put him in that and go through the line...I was very proud of myself. About the time I got back Tori had found me and took me over to the table with her family and held Jackson so that I could go get my plate and eat. Boy Howdy...I never thought about all of this...and you all know that I'm a planner and pre think through everything that I do! Not to worry, I did get to eat and it was AMAZING! Jackson got to play and see lots of new faces. I took my dessert to go and got coffee on the way home so that I could stay awake! So I had an oatmeal raisin cookie and coffee...that hit the spot as well!

We got home safely and have a new respect for single moms and let Peter know that his help is always appreciated!

We are now to Sunday...I made a big breakfast this morning and we went to church. We have relaxed and played with Jackson this afternoon. This evening we are meeting some friends for dinner...what Peter doesn't know is that there will be about 15-20 people there to say happy birthday and eat with us! I love birthdays! Will let everyone know how is goes and will have pictures to share from the fun!!!

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