Sunday, October 4, 2009

Today has been an awesome day. A much needed day with my husband and son! Church this morning was great! Roddy Chang was there, he is a violinest that has played with Jars of Clay, Celine Deion, and Chania Twain. He is amazing; I enjoyed watching him and hearing his testemony. He started playing when he was 2 years old! I told Peter that Jackson could learn to play the violin...he gave me a strage look...but I did ensure him that he would play violin and football. I don't think that he was convinced!

After church we went to Cracker Barrel and had lunch with Tori and Colin. We are so blessed with such wonderful friends. We had a great time visiting and eating yummy food!

Well, it rained here again. It started last night and was still raining...or I should say pouring...when we left for church this morning! So because of all the rain the little creek that runs down from the apartments was running with about a foot of water. So we took Ella to play and boy did she have fun! She ran and chased her ball all through the water. Jackson ,as always, loved being outside. He played in the grass and got to put his legs in the water! Very thankful for a beautiful day!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been totally overwhelmed with the feeling of thankfulness. I find myself overwhelmed with emotion because of how blessed Peter and I are. My uncle called yesterday and was telling me how proud he was of Peter and I and the life that we have made for ourselves. My only responce was that we are so blessed and that God has been so faithful. My heart just overflows with joy! I can't even describe it in words! All I can do is PRAISE the Lord for his faithfulness and everything that he has provided for Peter and I!!!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

don't know how to get this extra picture off here! lol

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  1. The other night Tori & I were telling some of my friends how adorable Jackson is! Funny thing is we sat behind you guys in church and Sarah kept saying how cute the baby was in front of us! We got a good laugh out of it considering we had just been telling her that and she didn't even know it was him!! So see --- Jackson really is the cutest baby ever!!