Sunday, November 1, 2009


The first exciting thing that I need to announce is that....We WON our game on Thursday night against Temple! Belton Tigers are 8-1, and if we play well this Friday night we will be district champs! We are going to the playoffs, which is the first time since 03 that Belton has gone! It is an exciting time here in Belton! Ready to play Bryan on Friday...well I guess we should let the boys get ready first!

Saturday night we went over the Morgans for sausage wrap and lots of fun! We took the kids trick or treating in their wonderful neighborhood! Then we went back in and had a blast just getting to visit. The cookies below are what I took to share. We brought nothing home except the platter, which I'm very thankful for!

If you haven't been able to tell, Jackson was a cowboy. My mom and aunt got him this outfit I believe before he was born and I have been waiting for him to be able to wear it! I thought that he would be able to wear it now and that it would be huge on him, so that way he could wear it for his birthday...but no such luck! I'm having to call tomorrow to make an appointment for pictures before he grows out of it!!!

He is quite the ham is some of the pictures. It is like he knows now what to do when there is a camera! He loves to get his picture taken!

He is really starting to laugh on his own now...without being tickled or being played with. We were sitting outside this afternoon on the quilt watching Ella run around like a chicken with its head cut off and he just starts belly laughing at her. It was the cutest thing! He has a contagious laugh...and the greatest smile in the whole world!

He is army crawling like a pro now and is up on all fours and will take a couple of crawls on his hands and knees...but figures out he can get there much faster like an army man! I'm having to pick things up that he can't have...his favorite is the dog bone! Let the baby proofing begin!!! He is starting to get so fun...not that he wasn't fun before...but he is getting his own personality, fits and all!

Its a little short tonight, but this time change is killing me! So, I'm heading to bed to get some extra rest! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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