Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Catching Up!

I need to apologize for not posting in the last 23 days! We have been busy, but not to busy! Well, let me try to catch everyone up!
We are done with football :( We made it two rounds deep in the playoffs, so we can't complain! The Belton Tigers played so hard this season, and we are all very proud of them! Peter has began working on the workouts for off season/power lifting! He is looking forward to the boys working out!
Jackson had his pictures taken from Candy Rice. I coach Candy's little girl when I coached at Heart of Texas. It was so good to see her, and she was amazing with Jackson. I can hardly wait to see the pictures next Thursday! He wore his Belton Tiger shirt for some. With those pictures we put a football in and a Belton helmet. For some of the others he wore his Halloween outfit, the cowboy outfit! I will let you know how you can view the pictures on-line as soon as I go to the proofing!
Jackson is starting to get a little TO brave! He is starting to pull up. He can pull up to his knees like a pro and working on getting up to his feet. He has fallen a few times. He thinks that he can just let go and stand on his own...he finds out pretty quick that he can't do that yet. He is moving everywhere. Where ever he wants to go, he goes. He stays in the kitchen while I'm cooking. Makes me a little nervous, but I usually let him pull out all the Tupperware and that keeps him back from the stove. He and Ella are the best of friends. Ella takes care of Jackson, keeps him from getting into some things and then helps him get in to things at times. Jackson is learning to throw the ball...I'm not kidding!!!! He throws it and she gets it and puts in back in his lap! It is the cutest thing!
Well, I haven't done the greatest job catching you up...but I'm falling asleep! I have to get everything clean and ready for Thanksgiving family tomorrow morning. More to come!

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