Friday, August 28, 2009

Busy Busy

Hi! Please bare with the mess of this post! Trying to figure these pictures out!
These pics should be at the bottom!
Daddy and Jackson!

Here is finally score

Jackson feel asleep on our adventure

Another day! I have finally got the pics from our Family Treat Night! Peter and I go every Wednesday night to have a treat! I was so proud of myself because I got a SMALL!!! cone, I'm trying to be good and lose the rest of this "Jackson" weight! Oh, my dipped cone was so good! Peter had a resess blizard.


Well, last night was our first football game of the season. And Jackson first football game ever! The boys did great! They played hard and have made so many improvements since last season! We are stronger and more confident. It was a lot of fun to be a part! Peter was so excited...but at the same time such a coach!...I found him after the game and was so excited saying we won, we won! And he smiled and said we have a lot to work on! I laughed!!!....that is what a coach says...their already thinking of the 60 billion things that they need to work on next week! But he was excited and so proud of the boys! He's a great coach! And I love being a coaches wife! Winning makes it so rewarding!

Jackson did well! He loved being outside, of course, and he loved all the noise! He was watching everything that he could take in! He did get a little to hot...there was spit up everywhere! We had to change him out of his Belton Tiger shirt because he was beginning to instead he was a San Diego Gorilla. Oh, well things happen!

Oh, I forgot to mention that I got to eat Panera for dinner!!! It was supper yummy! I had a turkey artichoke spinach sandwich, with an apple instead of soup...told I was working hard! Lol! Actually it was just to hot for soup!

Today is another busy day. Tori is coming for lunch. Then I'm picking the girls up from school since Peter and Lance are going to Dallas at 2 to scout for our game in two weeks. And then...the most exciting thing...Meredith is coming and staying the whole weekend!!! I'm so excited to see her and for her to see Jackson. Last time she came he was in NICU and couldnt go in. She was also busy taking care of me while I was in the hospital not able to move! She is really looking forward to seeing Jackson!
Dinner: tortelinni, broccoli, and garlic bread...yes I know its italian again...but I love italian!!!
Peter is having a steak on the way to the game!
Have a wonderful weekend!!! Much love!

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  1. That is a neat idea to have treat night!
    I like the pictures. It always bugs me when I have a post ready and then try to add pictures and it messes up my spacing and the pictures are wrong! If I try to rearrange them I usually end up deleting at least one by mistake!