Sunday, October 2, 2011


We finally have Internet in our long has it taken!?! Just a little over a year. Why, do you ask. Well, I'm not sure. I really didn't want to pay for it because I didn't think we would use it much. But I'm so glad we or I finally gave in and got it all hooked up!

Life is crazy right now, for it is football season. We have daddy withdrawals daily, but know that he is doing what he is suppose to be doing. We won our game on Friday night. We are now 3-3, 1-1 in district. Honestly, its been a crazy football season already this year. We play in Clifton this week and hoping for a V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

Karis and Jackson are growing like crazy right now. If I had food in front of them 24/7 they would eat it all! I swear Jackson has probably grown 2 in. in the last month. I have to clean out his closet and start getting him some fall clothes. Thank goodness for Nonnie and Grancie that have each gotten him a pair of jeans, they are the only jeans that fit right now!

What is on my mind: Many of you know, just from talking to me, that a friend of mine lost her baby about 2 months ago. Piper was full term and 2 days from her due date when they found she had passed in her mommy's tummy. I received a text at 4:20 am and felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. I really have no idea how to explain how this has effected my life, my heart, my every thought. It has made me question what it truly important in my life and longed for my Jesus to come and take us all into heaven. Piper's death has happened for a reason, and her mommy and daddy know that and are reaching many through this experience. I have 2 beautiful children sleeping in their beds right now. I have 2. Julie has one in their bed and one in heaven. Why? I still ask this question and I have since July 27th. Why did sweet piper live such a short life...and you know what her mommy tells me, because that is what God had planned. Do you truly trust his plan? I do now, after all the mixed emotions, the questions, the fear, and sadness. I trust that God has a huge plan for me, but also for my children. And I'm NOT in control of that plan. This is hard for me, for I like control, but also so assuring. So with that said I pray that I make the most of my days, but also that I am remembered for knowing, trusting, and serving my Mighty Father. For that is my plan. I want my kids to know that I loved Him and loved others.


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